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Permalink to comment November 20, With the development of technology, the communication techniques are becoming more enhanced in terms of efficiency, speed and economy. Fetching latest commit…. You signed in with another tab or window. Chat room project in php [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I tested in IE and it seems to fail. Cant send message and didnt seem to refresh. Great work folks! Noah Hendrix. Chris Coyier.


Oh well. Montana Flynn.

Simple Chat System in PHP with Source Code Free Download

Paul Randall. Vladimir Sobolev. Permalink to comment October 28, If you scroll up it will jump down to the bottom when it refresh…. Hitesh Chavda. Permalink to comment October 14, I have one small Question… Chat is refreshed every mili second, right.

I think you know what i want to say!! Hey Chris, Long time reader, first time commenter had to say it! Thanks, Elliot. Kyle Cotter. Hi Chris, i have great fun and learn very much with all the screencasts on your site and this is a very nice concept of a web based chat application.

Rex Sacayan. Permalink to comment October 15, Hi Chris! This is a pretty nice demo. Nice tutorial for a basic and chat room project in php chat. Nice demo! Thank you. Permalink to comment October 16, Permalink to comment October 17, Permalink to comment October 22, Permalink to comment October 24, Permalink to comment October 25, Big Georgian. Hi Criss.

Making of simple chat system in php, mysql and html5 urdu tutorial

Dan Beam. Permalink to comment October 27, Permalink to comment November 11, Permalink to comment November 20, Permalink to comment December 12, Permalink to comment October 21, Thank you! Permalink to comment November 3, Permalink to comment Chat room project in php 26, That being said, if you are really serious about security, in general, you should be looking at the Chat version 2 anyway… Thank you very much for this post!

Permalink to comment February 19, PS sorry for my english, I translate with Google translator. Permalink to comment March 9, Permalink to comment March 11, Chat screen will open which will display the user name and its image. It will also maintain the chatting history data and conversation data between two users along with date and time.

Public Chat Room In PHP With Source Code

Chat room project in php the user will click on Logout button, it will destroy their session which has been set by the server side and making all their property to null, by which their account will not be hacked.

It depends if you need more functionality you need to create more pages. But deploying PHP is simple please check on google. Hello, i want some snap shot of this project and project report and source code. Please give me and help me…my email id rajubhowmik gmail. Project report is not available for his project but you can download the source code using download button given at the end of post.

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This application resembles currently popular instant messaging systems such as Yahoo and Facebook to some extent. The project aims at facilitating instant messaging operation among the online users. The following features of the project has made it more reliable and effective online chatting software.

The internet users in the world are increasing every day.


As a result of which, the scope of a web communication project like this seems to be promising.

Chat room project in php [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)