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The scandal revolves around a core chatroom of eight members, including Big Bang star Seungri, who retired from the entertainment industry after allegations that he provided escorts for VIP clients.


Highlight star Yong Celebrity chat room spoke to police after admitting to watching an illegally recorded video in a chatroom. And FT Island member Choi Jong-hoon has quit entertainment after being accused of bribing police into not revealing a drink-driving offence, something he allegedly discussed in the celebrity chatroom.

While the scandal is difficult for many K-pop fans, who have been huge fans of many of the celebs involved, the accusations are part of a wider problem in South Korea. Manage Your Vacation View all. View Vacation.

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Turner Classic Celebrity chat room Offers normal chat and celebrity chat. Yahoo: Offers normal and celebrity chat. Sign in and select a movie related chat. Lists many sites not listed on this page. LookSmart Celebrity Chat : A guide to sites offering celebrity related chat.

By using one of the following programs, you can easily chat with others visiting the same site or web page that you're visiting. It's the ultimate way to chat.

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Please email me with other types of instant messenger programs I failed to list. Can talk to ICQ users. Fire Talk : Voice chatting.


Will need a microphone. The following two programs don't allow you to see who's on the same website as you're on, but they're extremely popular chat programs:. ICQ : Tens of millions of people use this program.

Celebrity chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)