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Alcohol and Drugs Chat Room. This is an area where we can do this. Family members and friends of alcoholics are prohibited from joining, unless they have a problem with alcohol and desire to stop their own drinking. For instance, the venue may have a rule that prevents smoking indoors or disallows pets from coming inside the building. Alcohol chat room uk [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Visit the Alcohol Change website. Information and advice for families of alcohol and drug users. The website has a list of local family support services. Visit the AdFam website. Information, advice and support to children of alcohol-dependent parents and people concerned with their welfare through a free and confidential telephone and email helpline. NACOA have an online community created in support of people who have concerns about a parent's addiction.

Alcohol and Drugs Chat Room

Scotland's national voluntary organisation. Provides information and advice on responsible drinking. The service is aimed primarily at newcomers and those who feel that they may have a problem with alcohol.

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Since the start of the service there have been over 12, chats. In the first month alone, there were chats. In January of there were close to 1, chats. The number of visitors continues to rise, indicating more and more the need for this service. We aim to offer coverage daily from 7am to midnight. However, given the small numbers of responders 16 at the moment this is not always possible, resulting in a few gaps throughout the day. An ideal situation alcohol chat room uk be to have 50 responders, allowing full service with room for adequate coverage between responders — for holidays, sicknesses, work or family commitments, etc.

Shifts are usually one to two hours long. These we direct to our National Helpline number. Other enquiries come from family or friends asking how they can help a loved one.

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As this sways from our primary purpose, these guests are directed to Al Anon services. Then there are also the guests who only want meeting details. A common confusion that occurs is the one about the different types of meetings, open or closed, and the format followed. Sometimes the names of meetings are confusing, as in a Speaker Meeting or a Big Book meeting.

As with the Online Response Service, the requirements are two alcohol chat room uk continuous sobriety, a good understanding of the AA Programme, the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions, and an endorsement from an Intergroup or Region.

This includes talking about medication or supplement names, dosage amounts even if they are legal, dating a french girl tips, or over-the-counter items. Do not use excessive profanity Messages that violate these guidelines will be deleted by a moderator. If you are in crisis or an emergency, please call or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at immediately as we are not trained to help in a safe and effective way.

To protect you, messages involving self-harm or harm to others are removed immediately. Members must have a desire to stop drinking. Family members and friends of alcoholics are prohibited from joining, unless they have a problem with alcohol and desire to stop their own drinking.

Advertising or promotion of any kind is prohibited. Trolling of any kind is prohibited. Trolling is defined as disrupting normal, on-topic discussion by posting inflammatory, shocking, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking readers into a strong emotional response. Do alcohol chat room uk chat while drunk or impaired. Feel free to read along, but please do not send any messages until you are sober.

Do not post messages describing the act of drinking or using. Members who repeatedly break these rules may be removed from the community.


Be kind, thoughtful, and open-minded when discussing race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or controversial topics since others likely have differing perspectives Be careful when you use humor and sarcasm as these messages are easy to misinterpret.

Be civil.

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If you disagree, explain your position with respect and refrain from any and all personal attacks. While other addictions may be a part of your story, please keep the focus on alcohol-related topics in rooms that have a recovery-based topic.


Instead share your own experience, strength, and hope based on your life experiences.

Alcohol chat room uk [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)