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How dare you say I can't keep my temper! I haven't played that game in a while, so I think it would be nice to play. Prev Next. Demigod chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Add a Comment:. And that his type is hot as hell, cute, sweet, caring, archers, who are awesome healers and singers. Yeah that all I had to say. And I hope you know that I shipped Percico up to the moment Solangelo came up on my phone. Love Rage, Ps. Luke is alive again so go be with demigod chat room we all know your gay or else you would have let it go by now.

This is the wrong way to use riptide. Gods anxiety meeting people a dick can't a daughter of Melinoe do a dare from a daughter of Aphroditie without getting chased by some dick.

Untitled On a normal day Jason went to bed at eleven and had fuzzy dream about his still missing memories. He never would tell them that at night in those half memories he was usually with Octavian kissing cuddling chatting hugging playing almost all of them had some thing to do with Octavian but tonight it was clear. The day he went missing. He demigod chat room up in his predator home a smile on his face as he changed into a camp Jupiter shirt and old blue jeans he slipped on a necklace one from a couple dreams ago it had a ring on it a promise from him to Octavian that on his 18th birthday he would marry him he smiled at the ring wishing he knew where it was.

He walked into the cafe he had realized was where he and Octavian had breakfast 4 out of 5 days a week. Octavian was siting in their spot with a smug smirk that read he's mine and demigod chat room can't have him that he wore everyday when they meet. It was a nice brunch at the cafe t.


Wishes On a normal day Jason went to bed at eleven and had fuzzy dream about his still missing memories. View Gallery.

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Levi x Reader "You know, we have the day off, why don't we do something fun for once? Armin looked up from the book he was reading. Something like hide and seek or something," Eren replied. Connie suddenly got up from his chair. Jean grinned. I haven't played that demigod chat room in a while, so I think it would be nice to play. Mikasa shrugged her shoulders. I'll play too. I like a challenge. I myself think I'm gonna play!

Um, hi Squad Leader Hanji Hanji waved back at him excitedly. And in love with Niko. Nico You can't kill someone over the internet…can you?

Thalia What if I go demigod chat room to the Hermes cabin and kill him now! Nico Don't. Nico Thalia? Nico Um. Connor qoiuvblakjfnv9w7q6vazfH?. V joieryhp9q q] 'tr A kxdu; Connor has left the chat room.

Thalia Connor…um…passed out. The chat room's going off for today. Nico I didn't do anything! Now, let the Demigod Chat Room begin! Thalia was shocked. A new app for the iDemiPhone? Now she had a way to communicate with her friends instead of IMing. She downloaded the app quickly and set up an account.

She started a chat with New Olympus and the camps. Thalia sent demigod chat room first message. Piper had downloaded the app. She had her password ready, which was HeartsandStars and her username was the ever famous nickname, Beauty Queen. Piper looked at her phone. Princess of Lightning and Green Day, aka Thalia, has started a chat.


Piper grinned. It alerted her about Thalia's chat and it actually said Thalia, so they knew who each person was. Piper wrote back as quickly as she could. By then, Thalia's chat had been filled demigod chat room people. I know it's you Kelp Head. U totally rubbed off on my name! Princess of Lightning and Green Day: Whateves. Kelp Demigod chat room, u totally lost! Even your girlfriend is on my side. Jellybean Praetor: Yeah. Why is that so hard to believe?

BTW, Death breath, don't u dare call me that or else I'll send my hounds after u. Burning Love: This is both Beckendorf and Silena. FYI, we have phones and service in Elysium, ok?! Trainer of Heroes: Children, it's Chiron. Lights out now or else the harpies will tear u to shreds. And the Seven, no excuses just because u saved the world. Good night.

Demigod Chatroom

Nice talking to u Thalia, Beckendorf, and Silena. Hope u r doing well. Please RRFF! Can u guys give me nicknames for the other characters? How about guessing the other mysterious people too? People guess it right gets Sally's blue cookies and a shout out! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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Demigod chat room I own nothing except the nicknames. Leo's POV Leo was bored. Time skip Leo had finished the finishing touches on his brand new app. Thalia's POV Thalia was shocked. Princess of Lightning and Green Day is now online.

Princess of Lightning and Green Day: Sup everyone. It's Thalia! Piper's POV Piper had downloaded the app. Wise Girl Owl is now online. Wise Girl Owl: Hi Thalia! It's Annabeth! Seaweed Brain is now online. Seaweed Brain: Ouch!

Demigod chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)