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Analyse agrees. This has to be a first! Christie says Sam makes her feel special. Jackson is the most bestest. Link inside. Big brother live chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Sam and Cliff were my favs, Sam has dropped off. But what he is doing is working for him. Not by Holly. I wonder who could have done that??? This week will be boring. Kat would have livened up the HOH! I was pulling for Kat to win it. They got married earlier this year and bought a big, new house. Don't know if they live together.

Don't think they're engaged yet. Who knows if that's real. Big brother live chat rooms does Jess. Jess says Jackson gets so aggressive it's scary. Then feeds cut. Sound familiar? Jackson admitted he peed during the endurance comp. How would one pass a psych test with a few of these issues? When I first heard him speak about medicine he said he takes 5 Xanax a day! Damn, BBCoco. That's a LOT. Years ago I was given X for having trouble sleeping.

Smallest mg.


Has she given any hints or is it too early? Just heard she's considering Kat for backup in case one of those 2 win the veto. Smart girl. Interviewing Curry. Kat is beautiful inside which reflects her light on the outside. Ho hum. Anonymous vote maybe coming up. MnM if they want to throw it to Sam and nullify the hacker twist.

Haleigh, can we not trust each other in this house. Facepalm BB20 pic. Houseguests tell Sam, it was a nice thought Sam. Log In Register. Lost your password? Live Feeds News News See all. Big Brother 21 House Tour June 25, Big Brother 20 House Tour June 22, Daily Recaps See all.

Day 8 Premiere Night Two June big brother live chat rooms, Day 7 Premiere Night One June 25, Nick leaves. Cliff brushes teeth. Analyse says she is starting to think about the future more and she trust some people out of the alliance more.

Christie says Nicole is sketchy and nit trust worthy. She feels Sam has her back.

Day 44 Elephant In The Room

Christie says Sam and Nick both can't stay. Christie said that Sam told Cliff if he won to take Nick down because Sam could sway people. Sam is so good at this game. She says Sam wants Jack out. Christie said it would be so stupid to keep Nick and Sam. Christie says she trusts Analyse but not Holly. Analyse agrees. Christie says Nicole will never win a comp.


Christie thinks Holly and Michie are working with Nick and Sam. Analyse wants brands to hire her to go to events. Jess also wants to do photography too. She is trying to figure out juggling a child with all her future job opportunities -silverspoons PM PT Jess hopes to tour after big brother and do public speaking. Jess wants to have another kid and feels she has only a few years left to try.

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Wants to name it Steve. She was not able to do the major she wanted and soccer. Analyse hopes to be a model or something with instagram.

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Jess says your DMs are probably blowing up. Link inside. Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds. Chris agrees. July 25, a PST Cam 3 Thursday Christie tells Tommy, Jackson got a DR "personal visit" got all the food he asked for, talk about a nervous breakdown he had and he is off all his meds View More Big Brother Canada News.

NT Do most women using term loosely, since most of the females cast are barely out of diapers dream of big brother live chat rooms a Tall, Dark, Handsome Bag Boy?

Yes, Zack is cute, but that would be a deal breaker. Spoiler for Wed. July 24, Joker's Premium Access. User Info. Login: Password: Remember me Forget your password? Or register new user. MadroseD Vlog.

Big brother live chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)