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Com Armenian chat, blogs, discussion and news. The downside? It was a cilicia chat room kilowatt machine from my understanding. That is a lot right?

After dropping off my stuff we went to meet an AmerigaHay I knew from before who had been living there about 2 years. Gohar, the AmerigaHay showed me around Yerevan my first few days.

It was a great city to walk around in and discover. I cilicia chat room started to find out the truth of the matter about many things. I already knew there were still many trees in Yerevan. They were not all cut down in are archie and veronica dating in real life winters.

Now I found out by seeing and talking that most of the trees were cilicia chat room pruned heavily Forests were also being reduced. All of the public benches and such were burned as well, but luckily the trees of Yerevan survive for the most part.

Well, it seems the somewhat chronological order of my writing has to end as I write about various things and experiences. Throughout summer and into fall there is a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables out there. You usually buy them on the sidewalk on tables set up for this purpose.

Certain streets are completely lined with all sorts of these goods with prices often marked. The apricots and grapes were good, yes. Most fruits and vegetables cost from 50 to Dram a kilo You can assume that all prices are negotiable, certainly nobody is insulted when you ask why it is so expensive and they don't mind extended haggling if they are not busy.

Beef is expensive and probably not so good. Pork is fresh and reasonable. Chicken is usually imported frozen and is between 1 and 2 thousand dram. Let me just say here that dram was almost always close to to the dollar, both were accepted interchangeably and never was there a problem converting either way. In the winter there is much less variety, with potatoes gaining even greater importance and canned tomatoes, pickles etc being consumed.

Also tangerines are imported from Georgia at this time. Transactions are rounded off to the nearest 10 dram or so, even they do not find it worth making change beyond this level. Most of the goods are imported from Cilicia chat room, Turkey and Russia.

Other stuff makes it from everywhere including peanut brittle from Plains, Georgia for dram for a gram bag I think. It would seem that cigarettes are not taxed because they were ridiculously cheap and popular. Alcohol is the same. If you do not smoke you are often told "jishd es anum" cilicia chat room are doing the right thing, then they proceed to smoke.

But there are a number of non-smokers and nobody seems to bother them. Drinking is another story. If you do not want to drink, cilicia chat room, they do not say "jishd es anum" they ask you what is wrong with you. No excuse is usually good enough. Not liking it is not an accepted answer, any kind of sickness or discomfort is especially bad as they claim it will cure you.

It is often really bad stuff they are drinking too.


There are a number of actual stores too. They often have the same stuff sold on the street at the same prices. There is an American Armenian Jirayr who opened a somewhat western style "corner" grocery store. Cilicia chat room has a good selection and very high prices. There are a number of these super expensive places.

They are meant for Armenia's newly rich. The westerners are too few in number to support much in this way. How many Americans of any descent live there? I would guess about a thousand. Dropping in the winter a bit.

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Cilicia chat room are also a good number of people from all over including a Korean couple, an Ethiopian, and many others in the UN, Red Cross, and some other Non-Governmental Organizations.

The Chinese are said to be opening a Chinese restaurant. Trash collection is done by building. You chip in to pay for the guy who comes around and shovels it into his truck and hauls it off. It is usually left next to a building or at the bottom of a trash chute or on the sidewalk.

Cats, dogs and rats flourish in it. There are many stray dogs who live their entire lives without human care. As puppies they are kicked around and for that reason are always fearful of humans and never aggressive. They will not bite you or even approach you usually.


There are Khatchars of tuff, wood, and obsidian, cilicia chat room, there are paintings, ceramics, sculptures, books, rugs, all sorts of remnants of the Soviet Union including watches, flags, pins, military hats and medals, etc. You can find practically anything you want there and if they do best online platforms have it you can ask for it and someone will get it for you.

Be prepared to walk away for a good price. Tell them it looks really nice, but you really don't need it, or it costs WAY too much, but if you really like it buy it soon if it is one of a kind, it may be gone an hour later, and even though they will make another for you, it may be rushed, it may not come out the same etc. They will make practically anything for you.

If you are going there and cilicia chat room ANYTHING carved out of wood, stone, etc or anything like that and are short on time, go to Vernisage on the first possible day, look around at all the artists stuff and order it custom made from the guy you like most. They are very honest. You do not need to worry about them lying to you.

Cilicia chat room dealt a lot with these guys and they are there every week, they may try to overcharge you buy if they say they will have something for you at a certain time they basically will. Safety is basically not a problem in Armenia. You can walk the streets at any hour with any amount of cash or anything and know that you are safe. I never heard of anybody being robbed ever. This was one of the greatest feelings in the world. The police are usually cilicia chat room nice if they know you are foreign.

Never give them cash This is usually an issue only for drivers. This being said, if you park your car somewhere overnight, do not be surprised at all if your gasoline has been siphoned out or your battery taken. These two crimes seemed to be extremely prevalent, but just about the only problem IO heard of. Most people buy very little gas at one time and take their batteries inside with them to prevent theft.

Electricity and water are distributed randomly it seems. Schools, hospitals and the government always get power. Very few others get gov't power 24 hours a day. Many people near the schools etc steal electricity from them.

Water may come 24 hours very rare, especially the higher you are in cilicia chat room building to once every two weeks.

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It probably averaged 4 hours a day in my experiences. Legal electricity usually cam hours during the day and some more in the middle of the night. It was not uncommon for other stuff to be mixed in there with it. These could be bought on Khorovadz street. A street lined with one BBQ after another. It is actually hard to find BBQ anywhere else in the city.

Lords of the Mountains: The Foundation of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

Rent for a house depended on many things. Proximity to city center, proximity to subway, usual water supply, usual electricity supply, number of rooms, the closer to ground floor the better since elevators are generally either broken or powerless and whether you can get a good levi the government has been cracking down on this. Living rooms are counted as bedrooms cilicia chat room course, balconies have often been closed off and turned into rooms.

Always cilicia chat room before getting in. Bread is about drams for French bread, 30 dram for lavash. Sorry I am spending so much time on costs, but most things you wonder about have a price tag. OK I will talk about the city in general a bit. The center of Yerevan is very distinctively set apart from the rest by a steep hill, the Hrazdan river, and a a couple of landmarks.

You can walk across the diameter of this center in 30 minutes which means an ordinary walk should take no more than minutes. You basically do not need a car. A subway, cab, taxi, minibus, or bus can take you just about anywhere and hitching is not hard either further out in the countryside.

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