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Also, I am writing this on a PS4 believe it or not, so sadly I cannot post any poctures, which I would have loved to do. Got tired of not being able to walk into goldshire or silvermoon without a ton of whispers. Tell me more. Chatzy furry chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Sir rants alot White supremacist stormtrooper kiwifarms. I'm sorry if this thread isn't as juicy or exciting as some others but I am new and I think this website should be worth noting. If you all thought chatrooms were long gone pedophile breeding grounds, then you're wrong. There's a place called chatzy, it's basically a furfag chatroom which is owned by some of the most egotistical people.

For example, you cannot post the word "kill" in a sentence, because it is noted as a "hateful word" or something along the lines of that. Chatzy, is also a furry sex palace, meaning that the website is actually letting the words "sex" visible for when you just search up Chatzy.

Chatrooms Used To Groom Vulnerable Children

The furries who are actually IN Chatzy, are confused people who you just want to fuck up just by what they talk about, most talk about how they're going to buy a new fursuit or how people in school will be "jealous" of their internet friends.

Anyways, if you want to screw with some people on the website, don't bother, the moderators take reports very seriously, and they'll ban you if you have an obvious "negative" name.

I hope you enjoyed this thread, and if you wish please leave some comments for improvement, remember it is my first post and it's not the best. Chatzy furry chat room for reading.

Also, I am writing this on a PS4 believe it or not, so sadly I cannot post any poctures, which I would have loved to do. I'll try and edit it and post some pics of the egotistical people chatzy furry chat room this chatroom. Reactions: Super CollieFrancis E. Dec Esc. Postal Dude I'm an equal-opportunity lunatic. Optional preferences Admin password:?

Room options:? Use your common sense.


If you communicate with people you don't know, be aware that they may be dishonest. Notice that identities are unreliable. We have a strict Privacy Policybut your IP address is logged and can be used to identify you in case of misconduct. I just thought I'd try and spread the word so that more furs can join and make this into something bigger. A Chatzy room like this would make chatzy furry chat room considerably easier and quicker.

Things like meeting other swedish furs, planning furmeets, making friends, etc. Oh, and here's a link: Chatzy. As I said, this chat room is still very new and there aren't many furs on there yet.


Please be prepared for a quiet first few months before the room has gained a little popularity. Brejvarr UlfhedneJan 30, Brejvarr UlfhedneJan 31, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Chatzy furry chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)