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Goff had all day to throw. Rules and Guidelines can be found inside this forum as well. Do not enter this forum if you are easily offended. Seahawks chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I think Davis will be gone and probably Thorpe.


Jordan is a really hard one to read. But I think he was sort of disappointing this season. They beat Dallas the first time they played them this year. The Chargers are simply a really good team —I think they are better than the Seahawks are.

They are against Dan Quinn, true, but I also think the two Atlanta teams that beat them were better on that day than the Seahawks were.

I would add the same about Fluker. seahawks chat room


The question I would have is how much do you commit to them? Would either come back for two years?

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Both may be tricky to commit much to because of their injury history. But I could see a two-year deal if the second year is one seahawks chat room they can get out of pretty easily. Just an illusion? Football Outsiders should have its total man games lost thing up soon. I am thinking maybe third round…. It will turn out to be a good pick for Seattle, to be sure.

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Carroll took the blame for Saturday, and I think a more nuanced version of the season removed from the emotion of the moment shows they trust Wilson an awful lot. Thanks for all the questions and comments and we will do this again soon. Seattle Seahawks punter Michael Dickson left was a revelation this season, but the Seahawks might not re-sign kicker Sebastian Janikowski.

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Share story. But I think Carroll felt more comfortable in their run defense at that point and the idea that they could stop them and still have a minute or so on the clock. DJ Fluker, is an interesting find. But maybe like a lot of guys he just needed a bit more time — he was only 22 when drafted — and a position switch.

He seems a much better fit at guard than tackle. Fluker seems a good fit here, for sure. Would you say that Naz Jones has slipped in the depth chart? Or has he not been fully healthy? Until the Rams game there obviously was lots of question about where things were headed overall, especially with Thomas now out for the year.

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Seattle has to go to London and beat the Raiders and then have a bye week to rest and heal up and hope for more carnage around single property website wordpress theme NFC.

I think they will decide that he is. But I do think they are still wanting to get through this season before deciding that — see how he plays with a season when much of the opponent focus is on him. How much longer seahawks chat room they keep guys like Brandon Marshall and C. Prosise on the roster? Why not someone like Stringfellow? They are going to keep Prosise until at least McKissic comes back because you have to have a fourth tailback on the roster with what they want to do running the ball.

Stringfellow was waived and not brought back and has since announced his retirement. That said, Seattle only had five active WRs on Sunday and Brown fulfills a lot of the special teams requirements at that position. My hunch is Marshall stays around a little while longer. With the roster devoid of talent, certainly compared to the past, is this the year they may look to make a splash?

They will have a ton of cap space and they may not have all that many of their own players to deal with depending on the decisions they make — they have to save room for Clark, Wilson and Wagner, you would think, and they may even have to think about Ifedi and Reed depending on how things unfold. But they may not extend Wright, I think Thomas is gone, and they should have some room to play with, for sure.

And I think with Seahawks chat room still being right smack in the prime of his career they will want to do what they can to keep the team at a certain level. Already have an account? Sign In. Why are we asking this? Thank you for registering! Reset your password.


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