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I had this post bookmarked the day it was posted but Jordan reminded me of it just a few hours ago, so thanks to him for that! The Chat Room seems to require a special invite, as Izaya shows surprise when his sisters appear on it. In PM's, Kanra shares with TarouTanaka the history between the Yellow Scarves and the Blue Squares and suggests the possibility that the slasher might be working from within the Dollars. The Chat Room is where select inhabitants of Ikebukuro discuss rumors and happenings in the city. Drrr chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

They will be able to use the following commands: -! Whenever you or someone else attaches a YouTube link to their post, it will automatically embed the video into the message, giving you the option to watch the video without leaving the chatroom's tab.

Please post any issues you have with Drrr. I had this post bookmarked the day it was posted but Jordan reminded me of it just a few hours ago, so thanks to him for that! Thank you Reimu and Levi for this. I'm going to host a drrr chat room room starting tomorrow and this drrr chat room going to come in handy. Really amazing job! I do know quite a bit of javascript so I'll be poking around your code seeing what I can do with it.

Thanks again for all the hard work!!! First of all, I'd like to thank both Levi and Exii for their fantastic work on this Script. I really appreciate all these added features, especially the drrr chat room tools. I already talked a little to Exii, and upon bringing up that I had a few suggestions that could be implemented, after all the planned features and optimizations are already implemented.

I'll split those into 2 groups:. Moderation Feature Suggestions: - Command framework Possibly all starting with "! I will Strike out features should they be added in this reply, hoping to keep it overseeable in the future. Jordan Thanks for your suggestions!

Exii is of course the guy who did the majority of everything, so he's the right guy to talk to. Of course, it is up to him what he mature women nude free pics like to add All I do is make the design look a bit prettier. For layout optimization, this is actually already available.


You just click the "Script" button and everything will collapse appropriately. Youtube iframes happen automatically with no options displaying whatsoever, so the only thing you'd be left with after taking everything else away, is the background changer.


I think it would be pointless to remove everything else just to have a single module showing. If anything, the rest of them could be ghosted to prevent a non-host from trying to use them, drrr chat room, but removing them for visual purposes would actually make it more visually ugly, in my opinion. Everything else sounds neat, this is the first time I've heard of an in-room moderation system. The Chat Room is not to be confused with the Dollars site, drrr chat room has a home page bearing the name 'Dollars' and is accessed through the password 'Baccano' a reference to another work in the Naritaverse.

Unlike the Chat Room, the Dollars site hosts forums where all members of the Dollars can post. Because the anime shows the Chat Room much more frequently than the Dollars site, but the Dollars site is mentioned much more frequently by name, they are often confused for one another. The Dollars are the subjects of several Chat Room conversations, further illustrating their existence as a separate online group.

In chapter one of the eighth light novelthe newest Chat Drrr chat room members ask each other if they are members of the Dollars, suggesting that the two sites are not related, though many Chat Room users do happen to be members of the Dollars due to the fact that they live in Ikebukuro. As the Chat Room and Dollars website exist separately, people without an account on one site may still be a member of the other. Kyouhei's gang are examples of Dollars members who do not participate in Chat Room conversations.

Those who have membership on both sites, however, may use different handles. Izaya Orihara sends a message to all the Dollars as 'Nakura' at one point, but he goes by 'Kanra' and poses as a girl in the Chat Room throughout the series. The Chat Room seems to require a special invite, as Izaya shows surprise when his sisters appear on it. It is later revealed that Namiewho also knows of the Chat Room and watches it but doesn't post on it, was the one who gave them tips for dating a girl with anxiety site address.

Izaya is the Chat Room admin who operates under the alias 'Kanra.

Kanra cutest moment in the Dollars chatroom

Kanra states that Saika reappears using various IP addresses, so blocking them is pointless. Kanra's role as the room admin is also mentioned in the prologue of volume eight of the light novels. It seems Kanra's permission is not required for others to join in the chat as long as they have the site address. Chat logs similarly seem to be view-able by anyone at any time without Kanra's permission.

Private mode may also be initiated between any particular users, though it has been shown at least twice that new users have a hard time figuring out how to respond in private mode instead of public mode while viewing the former. It appears that users can take on others' handle names in the chat room and that Kanra being the admin has the ability to delete previous chat room records. However, both of these abilities may be specific to Kanra only as the administrator for the chat.

At one point, Izaya takes on Masaomi's handle, 'Bacura,' to talk to Mikado with the implication that he is Drrr chat room. He also deletes the chat room records so that Masaomi can not find out that he had been impersonated.

Kanra suggests that the Dollars may have eaten the missing foreigners. Episode 07 : Kanra talks about Shizuo Heiwajima 's rampages. TarouTanaka mentions meeting Shizuo and finding him scary, while Setton defends him. Episode 08 : They talk about losing things and about dreams.

Episode 12 : Kanra does not come online, and Setton has to leave before she is able to converse with TarouTanaka. Episode 13 : The members talk about the increasing presence of the Yellow Scarves around the city. A troll called Saika enters the Chat Room and repeats the word 'cut. Episode 14 : Kanra drrr chat room about the Raira Academy students who were attacked by the slasher, and all of the members log off. Saika enters the chat and repeats the word 'Mother. Episode 15 : Kanra tells the others about the latest slasher victim.

Saika enters the chat, repeating the word 'cut. Setton tries to make conversation, and TarouTanaka wonders if Saika could be the slasher. Saika repeats the name Shizuo Heiwajima until they abruptly exit the chat room.

Episode 16 : Setton logs in to see disjointed sentences and an offer from Saika to wait for Shizuo at South Ikebukuro Park. Episode 17 : Saika apologizes for the trouble she caused for the other Chat Room users. The members welcome her warmly. Episode 19 : Kanra shares rumors about growing tensions between the Dollars and Yellow Scarves over the slasher incident.

In PM's, drrr chat room, Kanra shares with TarouTanaka the history between the Yellow Scarves and the Best online dating for single moms Squares and suggests the possibility that the slasher drrr chat room be working from within the Dollars. Episode 20 : Kanra continues gossiping about growing tensions between the Dollars and Yellow Scarves.

Episode 21 : Setton tries to reassure Saika through PM's that dating inbox lv events are not her fault, but Kanra shares more rumors about the increasing gang violence in the city.


Saika cannot figure out the PM system and responds to Setton in the general feed.

Drrr chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)