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Friend codes acnl mine is Signature Hello! Was Sep are in hope high-scoring note My favorite would have to be Henry. Feedback: 2. Acnl chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

What is the advantage? I hate that. Is the game gonna freak out if I don't water flowers every six real time hours? Do you have to send messages in real time to friends acnl chat room can you send them mail in the game? Does the game let you know when your friends are signed on or do you have to "connect" to them?

Can you connect and chat with strangers? Thanks in advance!

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Nope, just like you acnl chat room. To collect or get money. There are also badges for it and some months have a fishing competition as well. This game has a setting you can have so now flowers wilt etc.

This game doesn't have the mail friend feature anymore. Instead, if you meet up in game you can set to "best friends" with someone. Then you can chat with them even if you're not in the same town. Oh my!


I wish Chinese flirt phrases had gotten her from you, that would be really interesting My favorite has to be Mint and my least is Pietro. I'm not scared of clowns, but he's just I love Pietro because he is a rainbow sheep and he upsets every homophobic person. I used to not like Kat because she was ugly, but she grew on me after being in my town and now she's Still not cute, but in an endearing way.

It's odd, knowing that there's now a very specific Pippy floating around in the circle of my friend's friend's friends, who has a good handful of letters that she can show off whenever prompted. Some poor kid who's played ACNL with someone I used to be friends with now knows that there's a girl out there who used to have a crush on the really fat kid in her 3rd grade acnl chat room, has eaten tubes of flavored chapstick, among many other weird and mildly personal things, and her name is May from Toontown.

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Acnl chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)