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After Sam had finished his introduction to Cuthbert, he turned around to face you and Crowley. She has the demon tattoo! Cas: LOL Dean: what Supernatural chat room fanfiction [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The Writer: I'm writing you all right now, dumbass. You are all from different universes. The Doctor: Oh, that makes sense Sherlock: Given the laws of space, there can only be one universe in which John: Sherlock? Sherlock: Yes John? Thinking about growing back the mustache. Mary Watson: Of course, sweetie! Sherlock Holmes: Oh dear god, not this again.

John Watson: What's wrong with the mustache? Sherlock Holmes: I can't go supernatural chat room fanfiction and be supernatural chat room fanfiction with an old man!

Baker Street. Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come anyway. Sherlock Holmes: Could be dangerous. John Watson: Ther. SPN x reader "This Unfortunately you had been at a party, so you were wearing a short and rather revealing outfit, and the trench coat barely reached your upper thighs. And it was cold. Stupid decision on your part. You had gone another two steps when two men appeared in front of you.

Supernatural Chat Room (with reader input)

Where there are people walking around?! Done and done. What the actual hell? But an. Sam: are you two friends? Gabe: i thought you were chained in their basement Dean: about that SupernaturalxReader Idjits and Assbutts for all! The-lonely-fans Xreaders4everyone Here for all you Xreader needs. Show all 3. Submitted on April 19, Link.


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Hey, do you have a webcam? Rei: Yeah, why? Dean: Well… I have a webcam too. Rei: Uh-huh…? Meet back here in a couple hours? Rei: Hell yes! Dean: See ya then ; Dean has gone offline! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9.

Supernatural 200th ep."Fan Fiction" Behind the Scenes chat with Jensen & Jared [HD] [cc]

Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Dean: Yeah, okay. Sam: Trickster! Oh my moose! Sam: Go away Gabriel! What are you even doing here?! Dean: Yeah, Sammy! Anyway, I was bored so I put Dean in this special world just for him! Castiel has logged on.

Sam has logged on. Dean has logged on. Crowley has logged on. Crowley: Hello boys. Sam: Did you invite them?

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Dean: I am SO done right now. Castiel: Hey brah. Crowley: What the hell? L u c I f e r: What did you do to my brother, Winchesters? You forgot about me? Sam: Castiel, what happened? Where are you? Crowley: I think I have an idea about what happens to him. Dean: Spit it out, Crowley. Crowley: Everything comes at a price.

L u c I f e r: The suspense is killing me. Gabriel has logged on. Gabriel: Heya! Gabriel: I. Sam: Know about what? Sam: God, I hope not. Sam: What bible study for ladies you doing here?!

Keep in mind that one of them, if you ship it, you will get punched in the face. Dean: Yeah? Originaltrickster: You're still not very good at it. SamW1: Where's Dean when you need him? Originaltrickster: How do you know that?

ROARiamalion: No…. Originaltrickster: :P yes I did. SamW1: well that's no supernatural chat room fanfiction to get us to tell you. Sellursoul2me: Shut it Leo I'll give you candy if you tell me. ROARiamalion: He's in his safety hole now where's my damn candy fool?

Originaltrickster: yes you did. Originaltrickster: What do I get in return? GabeAlmighty: Damnit, Sammy! After everything I did for you! I let you use whipped cream! Batman: Cas, how come we never get to use whipped cream? Batman: Aah… Remember the time, with the whips and chains? GabeAlmighty: I supernatural chat room fanfiction SamW:… GabeAlmighty: What?


It could be a new thing to try… SamW: I'm leaving. Batman: I think he is. Batman: Wait, what? GabeAlmighty: Cas squawks like a bird. Batman: Damnit, Cas! Batman: Depends… GabeAlmighty: Come on! There'll be beer!

Supernatural chat room fanfiction [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)