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Visit his website. Most people are familiar with some of the more common phobias, like flying, public speaking, small spaces, and spiders. Register now. My best for you, Jay. Emetophobia chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Cancel The title field is required! Thank you- Newtonb BballJ Community Champion. Hi newtonb18, Firstly, welcome to the forums. I am sorry I am not much help but I wanted to reply and offer my support. Please, post back as much as you like, I am always happy to talk.


My best for you, Jay. Hi newtonb18, I am new here too and still learning how it works so I hope this is ok. Hi im a ninth grader and i am suffering from emetophobia. It only started emetophobia chat room year when driving to school i would feel a bit nervous but i was still able to cope and was managable where i could continue normally at school however after 2 weeks of holiday and on the first day of school which was around october when i arrived at school, still sitting in the car i suddenly bursted into tears and couldnt breathe properly for about 30 seconds so my father took me to the doctors and i was told that i had anxiety, emetophobia chat room.

During the school holidays whenever i had to go somewhere i would get really nervous where my hands would start to sweat my heart would be beating rapidly and i would feel nauseous. After researching i figured out that i may have this phobia and it has gotton so much worse where i would miss dating sites with contact numbers a lot of my lessons where i would go to the sick room in case i would vomit in front of the class and be humiliated.

Whenever i start to feel nausesous i would start to panick and would rapidly progress emetophobia chat room. So my parents made me go and see a counsellour at my school and i was able to tell her about my fear of vommiting in front of others. Before i told my friends about my phobia they would think that i was being dramatic becayse i would constantly feel sick which made me feel upset but now they are supportive and are trying ro understand me better.


My parents are also supportive however when i try to tell them that i belive i have a fear of vommiting they would think its weird and wouldnt really listen to me as well as my sister where i cried infront of my dad and sister both annoyingly asked why i was crying.

I emetophobia chat room really stupid whenevr i panic as it has impacted on my friendship. Eventhough im still friends with this girl last year i was really close to her where she was always worried about and wanted to see me in the sick room and we were the closest out of the enitre group.

However as my phobia progressed during school where i was emetophobia chat room social and just stayed quiet during breaks we slowly drifted apart where she payed more attention to my other friend and would talk to her more.

It just seems that she has more fun when she is with my other friend. Tommorow i am having a birthday party and im starting to worry that i might vomit infront of the restuarant and my friends because i have a cold Ken Goodman, LCSW, practices individual and group therapy in Los Angeles to help anxiety sufferers free themselves from debilitating fear. Visit his website. ADAA is not a direct service organization.

ADAA does not provide psychiatric, psychological, or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. ADAA Disclaimer. For the Public For Professionals. Breadcrumb Understand the Facts Specific Phobias. Fear of Vomiting, or Emetophobia. And you probably have at least one of these fears, emetophobia chat room Not being able to find a bathroom in time Vomiting over and over and being unable to stop Choking on vomit and suffering physically Embarrassing yourself in front of others Being admitted to a hospital Many people say that the anticipation of vomiting is often worse than the act itself.

If this sounds like you, these protective behaviors may be familiar, too: You avoid new foods, restaurants, or alcohol. You avoid foods, beverages, or restaurants associated with past vomiting. Emetophobia chat room has been tried as a possible cure but there has been no real evidence that it is affective.

Because emetophobia is a type of anxiety disorder, medications have also been studied as a possible treatment.

Certain anti depressants have been tried and their study continues. Why not join Emetophobia Chat or find more information on the Emetophobia Forum Emetophobia fear of vomiting Emetophobia, commonly referred to as the fear of vomiting is much more pervasive than commonly believed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I have breast cancer and emetophobia 13 May in response to cloughie I have just looked up your phobia Kind regards, Jolamine xx.

Has there been any decision about emetophobia chat room or treatment yet?. Please keep in toutch and let us know how things are going, We are always here for you.

I have breast cancer and emetophobia 2 Oct in response to Jolamine Hi there thanks for your reply. I have breast cancer and emetophobia 3 Oct in response to cloughie Emetophobia chat room Carol.

Been thinking about you. Do you know what type or stage of breast cancer you have yet? Keep us posted. I sincerely hope that you are making good headway now. Many thanks, Jolamine xx. Show per page: Diagnosis of lung cancer. They are sympathetic to my irrational fears, but they can't empathize because try as they might, they don't understand what it's like to have your thoughts consumed by fear every.

I've suffered from this affliction as long as I can remember. As a child, if anyone in my family had so much as a stomachache, emetophobia chat room, I would quarantine myself in flirt and events bedroom.

Leaving only when forced, I'd tie a scarf around my face to protect me from their germs like a homemade biohazard suit.


While my partner is seemingly immune from stomach flu, he's been known to have a chat on the porcelain telephone after one too many alcoholic beverages. When there's even a chance he's had too much to drink, he's relegated to the sofa, and I spend the night in sleepless terror, blankets over my head and earplugs in my ears to block out emetophobia chat room possible sounds of retching.

This is because my fear is not limited to vomiting myself. I'm equally afraid of seeing someone else vomit, if not more so. If you emetophobia chat room in the room with me right now and started gagging, I would be out of my seat before I even realized what was happening.

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If my escape route was blocked, I'd end up with fingers stuck in ears and eyes squeezed shut, on the verge of a total breakdown. I think it comes down to control. I can't control if or when another throws up.

Emetophobia chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)