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Steve welcome to the NFL moment? Are people using their real names or their MB doppelganger as their profile name? Or is it that the groundhog actually has to see it? Super bowl chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

My Gawd. Coach Ditka just nailed Buzz in the face with a steel chair.


My Gawd, demon in a red mask! I would not listen to Thurman Thomas about helmet placement, but his overall football knowledge is solid.

I love gambling. I am pretty sure we are all D- list Oh you arent talking about our grades from high school or Steinymerms grades from whatever grade he is in right now. If I do not seem to be my normal, chipper self, it is because I just read that Jolie will not be reprising her role as Lara Croft. Don't know how I will go on. He must be an early riser, because he's been here every morning and has left just after I get here. If the cardinals win, does it make the parity in the NFL shameful?

I keep going back and forth. Originally I thought the Steelers would win in a blowout, but the more I hear and read, I'm not so sure anymore.

But Buzz since you get up at AM every day, an early riser to you is just a regular riser to many others. Lows will be in the upper 40's.

I'll remember to wear my jacket. Brian, it sounds like you are the one with the gambling problem. Your first mistake was betting that many basketball games Damn it! That Buzz guy is here again. Just because I talked to him once he thinks we are pals.

Let's roll. Bill was sent straight to Mr. Bodenheimer, or Mr. One of those guys that probably owns more suits then I ever will. By the way, I read the transcripts and cracked up at your pimping an avacado post Buzz.

Little racy, were you kind of punchy at that point? That reminds me of Home Alone 2 where Buzz gets the food service bill and it's like 20 pages on dot matrix paper. Buzz, you are the most useless, irrelevent person to ever run a chat room on espn. That being said I have not done work for the past 21 minutes in eager anticipation of your next irrelevant and mostly idiotic posting. My pops always told me to strive for excellence.

Super bowl chat room just never said in which direction to strive for it. That was awesome! Wow, I didnt know the Brewers struggled so bad this offseason that they only have one pitcher and catcher. Seriously, should I join the Super bowl chat room group despite forbidding my kids to visit it?

I'd feel kind of hypocritical. Since when did we have our own personal Chef in the Morning Buzz? I will take a ham, bacon and cheese omelet with extra bacon. Because you broke it. You broke your computer, the chat, the entire network, all of the internet super bowl chat room down because of you.

I don't know, super bowl chat room. But if we're having octuplets right now, they ain't mine. In which case, I'll be like the uncle that's a bad influence. Sup, everyone. I have no cable right now, due to the ice storm that came through here. So, I'm on my phone, charting with you guys. I'm also without highspeed internet, so bear with me. Glad benefits of dating a muscular guy have you.

Thanks for stumbling on the chat. You'll get hooked. God have mercy on your soul. What sort of insights is he going to bring to a Superbowl chat? Let's just say I'm taking the Cardinals". He's better then that - he can chat about what type of food spread to have at your party.

As we all know, if you don't have good food, you don't have a party. For the old-timers in here: first thing I thought of when I say chazadelic was Maggot Super bowl chat room by the Funkadelics.

If you are not a Steelers fan, how can you not pull for the Cards in this one, I know some actually die hard Card fans yes they do exist and man do they deserve this one. Now I have to eat at Subway today. I actually planned on it anyways, but Jared is like super bowl chat room sign from God Turkey on toasted wheat with lettuce, cucumbers and shredded carrots. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Aaron Rodgers is down the aisle from us. Certainly not the caliber of celebrity that we're looking for today.

The trouble is going to be actually recognizing the B-list celebrity to know that they were here Tough assignment I've given myself. I was looking for places to eat last night. I came across a listing for a place called "East Chicago Pizza. It's Chicago pizza, which I love.

I got there and the place had no lights on and looked like it had been abandonded for a while His PR rep is hovering and wisking him away. Buzz whatever you do, please do not seek out Kathy Griffin for this chat.

I don't care what list she thinks she's on, she is not worthy of participating in this chat. Archie Manning just walked by. I guess he has some more free time this year with no sons playing in the Super Bowl. I will admit I had no clue what Steinmerms was talking about. Then I remembered my post from 20 minutes ago. And, there will be as many fans pulling for the Cards as were pulling for the Pats in'85!

Fact: I had to shift my seat yesterday to avoid being on a TV camera. Made me uncomfortable. I didn't want to have a broken camera dating sites with numbers my conscience. Tony Dorsett is the only person with a National championship, heisman, Superbowl championship and in the Hall of Fame.

That's our big group. Then there are other tables around everywhere else. Radio Row is like a mall. Then everyone else is mixed in. Don't worry, chaz. Super bowl chat room are all missing something. That is why we come here day after day: to be enlightened by our fearless leader - The Buzzmaster.

Roger Staubach was walking by, stopped and pulled out an envelope. He pulled out his Super Bowl tickets. I asked if I could take a picture of him holding his tickets, because he must have had like tickets. But he refused.

He said he didn't want people to think that he was trying to scalp them. Jennifer Love Hewitt today was spotted in a Tampa area Chilli's lunching with an unknown but damned handsome gent. But the date ended poorly when an overweight man disrupted them.

While he was escorted out he kept shouting "Your my density! I can't wait for this game. By the way jumerms, how are you still in high school if you're 22? That's what your profile says on FB. Friday at noon. Everyone just clear your schedules. I've been informed he's feeling chat frisky and might just go for 3 hours or 4 or 5 or, 6 or until kickoff on Sunday.

Don't know what I am doing for lunch, but I have to get some cash for the work block pool while I am out. Probably means something from Wawa. I won 2 tickets 2 the super bowl frm the MJ Morning show. Buzzy Master, I have tickets for bowl that is Super and all I need is your bank account information to process the transaction. These chats don't have themes anymore.

ASMR Sports: 2018 NFL Season In Review - Super Bowl, Cardinals, and Fantasy Football

I miss the old morning buzz, where we could all gather and fight over the problems of the world that didn't really matter. Lunch is very tasty shredded beef tacos Lady Pete made in the crock pot. She even sent the fixins super bowl chat room mini tupperware. Hey everyone I made the top 10 Madden highlights Superbowl Addition! Go check it out! My play is number 5! Buzz, the last 30 minutes have been a little TOO far outside the lines. By the way, let the countdown begin There's quite a buzz, no pun intended, starting already for it.

My girlfriend thinks she's fat so we're doing a healthy snacked superbowl. Salsa and chips will be the only thing appetizing I think.

I have a good friend named buzz or shall i say nicknamed it is basically because he is an idiot, are you also an idiot? I nearly started a turf war the other day. I was trying to leave the media center and went through a door outside and started walking around the building. Two super bowl chat room people stopped me, looked at my press pass and just shook their heads and pointed. Say Buzz, super bowl chat room the chat was broken and you could only chat with yourself, would you chat with yourself?

I know I would. My wife made a turkey breast in the crock pot last night. That might be a good option for lunch today.

I Say that the Steelers will overpower the Cardinals on all cylinders and the result will be horrific for Cardinal fans everywhere. Gotta go take care of some stuff, Buzz. Thanks again for the marathon chats this week. I'll check in on you and everyone else later. Be how to delete profile on uniform dating until then.

Call me crazy The Steelers only wear that damn logo on the right side That is the side where Fitz prefers to mke his circus catches, since that is where the cameras are.

All this talk about salsa makes me want mexican for lunch, but there isn't one within walking distance. Those were important reasons? I see a upset on sunday. Remeber last year? Cards 42 Steelers I'm dumber for having read that "reasoning. There's some crazy stat out there from some study that says the calories eaten during Super Bowl Sunday is like an entire week of caloric intake or something like that.

This chat is out of control, it's like if we had a full chat in the overnight bin with 2 name posters. Is Jared binging you a turkey on rye? I heard Lady Buzz recruited him to change your dietary problems.

Do you start singing the Five Dollar footlong song whenever you see it on TV like the rest of us? Yeah, I think it's in my dreams these days. I do get asked to sing it quite a bit. But you don't want me to do it. I just did one with Michael Phelps.

It hasn't run yet, super bowl chat room. It was fun. My dream would be Peyton Manning. Do you ever feel any pressure to make sure you continue to eat healthy, since you're the face of Subway? Oh yeah. There's definitely, I look at it more as motivation. When you're in the spotlight you learn to deal with it.

I look at it as more motivation to keep weight off. It's my fourth year at the Super Bowl. Doing all the media interviews. Trying to share the message of my story. And on Super Bowl Sunday we tend to overeat, so we want to help with alternatives.

Not really. But what I've always said is great is that they let me be me.

Chat Rooms Super Bowl

The words I say and the outfits I wear, it's been a really good thing. Don't you miss all the food you gave up to lose all the weight? Do you ever give super bowl chat room just a little?

These days I eat whatever I want for the most part, but just eat less of it. I'd say not really. My favorite now is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. I still eat it about twice a week.

The best super bowl chat room about my job is that I don't have to pay for it. Probably coming to the Super Bowls. I'm a huge sports fan, so it doesnt' get any better then the Super Bowl. It's pretty crazy. The amount of crazy stares and the people. They can't believe. I find I freak people out best sites victoria bc little bit.

Do you ever get anything unhealthy from Subway. Now they have pizza and they've always had meatballs. Ever take the route? Yeah, I do. I don't eat the lowfat subs any time any more. I still say that even the hearty subs like that are still better for you then the burger and fries. It's been surreal. It's been a surreal 10 years in a lot of ways. I don't take it for granted. I want to make sure I don't go back to being a heavyweight. You can't just go to a store anymore. It's part of the tradeoff, but it's worth it.

Who do you think the Lions should take with the first overall pick? Please don't say Micheal Crabtree I really didn't.

Super Bowl Showdown

I was so heavy at that point. Everyone always said I should have played football. But if I had fallen, I wouldn't have been able to get up. Jared, you are one lucky son of gun. I'm going to school,eating noodles everyday and your getting free subway for losing weight I went to Indiana. My Hoosiers. I'm still a IU basketball fan. Growing up in Indiana, Notre Dame was always pretty good too.

I lived next door to a Subway in college.


Right place at the right time. It made sense, I ate it on my way to work. I don't think so. I know there was talk of doing some stuff with me and Phelps, but I don't think it's going to run then, as far as I know. It is. Sting, Madonna, Prince, Cher.

When you say Jared, people konw, but if you say Jared Fogle, they don't know. We've got to give Steinmerms some sort of award for the dumbest question of all-time: "Jared, do you eat at Subway? Just a couple of reps with him, however, people were stopping him and taking pictures and what not. By being on the NFL's media list, you get on their mailing list. So every time they have transcripts of the players' press conferences, they type them up and e-mail them over. So far this week, I've gotten exactly e-mails from the NFL with transcripts.

Someone should just have a website set up and post them. They're celebrities now? If I known we were gonna make to the superbowl I never would have said i didn't want to come back next year. Who da thunk it. The angle the media is taking with Ken Whiz "knowing" about the Steelers, being an advantage for super bowl chat room Cards is way overrated. I know Chad, it's unfortunate Super bowl chat room the second day in a row, Mr.

I know this because yesterday he took on the table next to us. Today he's at the table on the other side. No combine, but they have to be able super bowl chat room identify all of my hair products and promise not to use them.

You know what What I find humorous is all the people thinking Buzz has any football knowledge. It'd be like asking Clinton how to use an iPod. I don't understand what you want from me. Eventually groups orlando start repeating yourself. It gets boring. We're here to liven it up.

You sir, need to loosen up a bit. That is what I always do before games. It is not going to change because my family is a big part of the reason for why I am here and super bowl chat room are a big part of my success.

I am going to stay calm like I always am and go out there and play football. This is why we are not talking about the game and any players Point of clarification for Chad. Buzz is a tyrant with little patience for excessive sports talk. He prefers the inane. By the way were is Jacobs. They present a lot of challenges for us but we are excited for the opportunity to play in a game of this magnitude against a very tough defense.

This is the best and biggest game in sports. Jacobs just got off the Dan patrick show. He will be in tampa next yr. Frm inside soruce. Vick will be in chi. Yo Ant, relax. Buzz doesn't talk a lot of sports, but look at the guest list. When the guest chatters are on, you can talk football. People want some football talk? Users viewing this topic: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Liberal Forum. Google [Bot]. Skip to content Liberal Forum Political Chat.

This political chat room is for you to sound off about any political ideology and discuss current political topics. Everyone is welcome, yes, even conservatives, super bowl chat room, but keep in mind, the nature of the No Holds Barred political chat forum platform can be friendly to trolling.

It is your responsibility to address this wisely. Forum Rules. View posts by: BigskyBlackvegetableCannonpointerCedarcrimsongulfdeezer shooveHueyingoJimnefariousrayjroadkillRockTermin8torTiger. Mon Jan 01, am. And all it takes to talk smack with them, or equally dedicated family and friends during the big game, is an app. Chat rooms? Not so, says Lee. With all the warm weather we've been having, everyone is grilling.

How about you, super bowl chat room, do you like to grill? Charcoal or gas? I don't free speed dating in atlanta I've grilled or two or three years. If I were to choose, gas is easier and charcoal is more flavor.

Hang on folks, Terrell Thomas is on his way to the ESPN offices in Indy, but they've sent a police escort to go get him because it's so crazy out there! Terrell,Would be nice to have you out there this weekend as well!

How is the knee and the rehab going? The rehab is going well. I'm 3 weeks ahead of schedule. I'm staying positive. I think it will be a great game. You'll see two teams super bowl chat room inspired.

Tom Brady is playing for a lot right now. Obviously, Eli wants to leave a mark on where he stands. The Giants will come out with the W in the end. It's bittersweet, but I'm at peace right now. A lot of things could be a lot worse. I could be on a team that's not in the playoffs. I'm trying to stay as positive as I can. Terrell i just want to say congrculations first for winning the nfc title game i saw you on national tv. Do you think new england has a game plan this weekend?

They'll be fast paced to slow down the DL. Keep our defense off balance. If they get a knack for what you're doing, they can get you. I think they'll have multiple formations.

Just enjoying it. That's the main thing. I went to the NFC championship game to get a feel for it. It's getting kind of ugly in the media right now.

At the super bowl chat room time, it's going to be an ugly breakup. It's coming to an end and hopefully they can clean it up and let him go somewhere else.

They're focused. They seemed really relaxed. They're ready to go. Being here, with family and friends, they're ready to play. They can't wait for Sunday to come. I never went on the road, but I'm pretty sure the Green Bay game was good for them.

The No. Most of my rehab was done in California. But I have spent some time in New York. I've talked to the teammates every week, getting a report on the game and everything. Thanks for all of the support. I appreciate the Giants Nation out there giving me support through this whole season.

Thanks Terrell for chatting! I appreciate y'all hanging out this week. Good luck to the Giants and Pats on Sunday! Learn more. Recommend 0 Tweet 0 Comments 0 Email. Dan New york Stevie why so serious? Neil LA have you kept working with Vizio super bowl chat room winning their award?

Nathan Missouri What do you feel changed from the hot start to the season to the disappointing ending? Nathan Missouri Where was your favorite place to play this season? Henry Rochester Favorite place to eat in Buffalo? Colin New York Assuming you re-sign with buffalo, are there any free agent wide recievers you would like to see come to buffalo and play alongside you? Aaron CA Super Bowl party plans? Tom Boston What's Indy been like?

Henry Rochester Who is the funniest guy in the locker room? James IL Where is everybody? James IL Sorry about that Jim MO Hi!! Jim MO Just looking over the super bowl prop bets, lots of good ones. Catch any of the Racers game last night? That's Robbi's team. Cody,panama city fl [via mobile] Havin the biggest super bowl party on sunday haha jillinho norman I'm having wings. John C Highland Mills NY Hey Buzz,Do you think there is a media overload by the time the end of the second week rolls around, where all the major news has been covered and therefore smaller things can get undue press because there really isn't much else to say?

Norman H-Town Well good morning Buzzy. That is all. Norman H-Town Spork! Renee Boston Is this thing on? Patriots 31 Giants The End. Dan New York Funniest prop bet. Sledge B'ham, AL Wooo! Robbi Clinton, Ky Free Ruckus!

Tom NM Did you see your shadow Buzz? Norman H-Town Buzz hitting the lunch line early again? Renee Boston Shameless plugs. Yup, it's Buzz. Tom Chicago Isn't the groundhog always going to have a shadow unless it's cloudy? Sledge B'ham, AL Why would anyone care if a groundhog saw its shadow?

Tom NM I know Buzz. Buzz is no groundhog. He just hibernates for 3 months at a time.

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