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I talked to him twice the day he passed away and he never relayed to me anything was wrong. Just depressed today and needed to let all this out. My age is. Any advice most welcome please. I cared for him until his last breath. Widow chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Survivors are left with so many unanswered questions as well as anger at the choice his or her spouse chose to make. The usual bereavement process is complicated for any survivors. Your confusion, loneliness and fear are very normal. It's understandable that facing the holidays is tough. Keep in mind that there's no right answer to how much of the usual activities you're expected to observe.

Read our upcoming posts re surviving the holidays. If it feels important to keep some of the usual activities for your childrens' sakes, it's ok to modify dating and mating in modern times you do this year, widow chat room.

Expect everything to be hardest the first year after a death. You might consider joining an online suicide survivors group check out GriefNet. Please consider getting some additional support as soon as possible. Let us know if we can be of further widow chat room. I lost my widow chat room of 11 yrs suddenly on October 9 of this year I feel like I'm sleep walking through my life most days.

I'm trying to be strong for his mom and daughters and I guess my self but most of the time all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out. I still have no cause of widow chat room which is driving me crazy i mean how long does it take does anybody know. I'm sad mad scared lost all rolled up in to one messed up person. The feelings you describe are completely understandable.

Being in limbo while waiting for the cause of a loved one's death can indeed make a person feel overwhelmed and "crazy". In addition to the terrible uncertainty of not knowing why, the suddenness of the loss itself can leave so many unanswered questions and unfinished business.

Please try to find some private time when you can just let the tears come many people find crying in the shower is a good timeand try to give yourself permission to not be "strong" all the time. It's still very soon since your loss and you should try not to expect to be your "normal" self for some time. Consider joining an online support group to have a safe place to express what you're going through. Let us know if we can help.

Hi Mandachil. First off let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I lost my husband in May of this year and it's still fresh for me.

With his autopsy results, it took months for all tests and everything to come back to determine his cause of death. May God bless you and your family. Sorry for your loss. My husband passed away on the 1st April to Suicide and I got a call from the Guards yesterday to say the date is set in January for the Inquest.

It has taken 9 months to process which is a lifetime when your grieving and want this over and done with so you can try move on. Hi my name is Rose. I lost my husband of 25 yrs. I still have days where all I do is cry. I go to work and am very grateful to be around people who aren't at loss for words just to take to me, so that makes me comfortable.

But on the days that I don't work I'm lost I lost my husband in September of We shared 10 amazing years together and would have celebrated our 6th wedding anv this year. We have two small children 2 yr and 7mo. Im lost. I try so hard every day to smile but I feel like im dying inside.

I wanna scream and cry but none of that is going to bring my widow chat room back. He was only 25 so why honestly why did this happen. I have an amazing group of family and friends who try but honestly deep down non of them know what im going through. They all have their "normal" lives and routine of everyday life however mine is more than shattered. I know I will make it, I have to for our children but on the inside im falling apart.

Dear Caitlin, There are special issues that people your age and in your circumstances are challenged with. Please check widow chat room our posts about being young and widowed as well as understanding childrens' reactions to the death they express them differently than adults do. You might also find an online support group for younger widowed parents on Griefnet. Take care. I lost my 24 year old husband in a tragic motorcycle accident two months ago, widow chat room.

I have two small kids 4 and 2. We were together for 8 years married for 6 of them. We were high school sweethearts. We did everything together. I am so lost. I have lost who I am and my kids feel it and see it. His family has turned me away. I don't know how to continue my life with out him. How do I raise my babies to be strong and to feel so much love from me that they don't miss the widow chat room from daddy?

I feel like a clock on the wall waiting to expire. How do I feel life again so I can raise my kids Best dating apps singapore check out our posts for younger widowed as well as dealing with childrens' reactions and making sense of a sudden death.

Consider joining an online support group for younger widowed, such as GriefNet. Thank you for sharing with us.

I lost my husband of 38 years 3 months ago. I have no kids. Nothing makes any sense anymore. I feel I have nothing to live for. Dear Alone, While it can feel like you've lost a part of yourself, please give yourself much more time before making any important decisions about your future.

Right now, it's probably difficult to see any way forward, but keep in mind that you do matter to others in your life and in the months ahead your perspective will change. Widow chat room pain you're feeling right now widow chat room soften with some time.

You matter and need to reach out to others for support right now. Keep your head up. Not saying. It will get better soon hopefully it will. But it will be different. I lost my dear wife in sept at this point I have been thru so many diff stages of grief and back again its frightening At 60 yrs old I don't know how to start over and don't want to be alone I'm just not sure how to start.

Not much older women blog for the computer illerate anyway I feel horrible no family who understand.

Just want to craw in the grave with him if theirs life after death I will be with him if not oh well. I lost my husband of 46 years. My hardest thing is how to be a whole person and not half. He would want me to go on with my life. I love laughing and having joy in my life.

I am involved in my church, have widow chat room and family support, but still get lonely. No one widow chat room ever take his place, but would like to find someone just to go eat, listen flirt studios harlow a good band, danceand just enjoy life.

I may never find it, but I am glad I am finally able to go on and not mourn every day.

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I do knot expect to fill the empty hole he left, just to find some happiness in the life I am leading now. I just lost my wife of 35 years after a two year battle with breast cancer. I was lucky enough to be able to retire to stay with her tha last six month however now I feel so empty without her.


She used to complete my sentences and at many widow chat room I used to tell her to get out of my head I guess I will have to older better at sex thru the grieving process.

I do have two sons but they do have their widow chat room to live and I feel lost. Thank you for allowing me to post. I lost my husband last year in April so his year anniversary is soon. I have gone through all the first of everything.

You will hear this a lot that time heals and we have to believe it. We will never forget, we will never stop loving but we will and have changed and will learn to deal with the loss and pain. My husband widow chat room only 38 and left behind our beautiful 12 year old daughter and 6 year old son. They are doing brilliantly as kids are so resilient and so brave so much that I wish every day I was like them but I'm not and I have also learnt to deal with this.

He died at home of cancer. I miss him so much. I want him back. I have never felt grief like this. He was my husband best friend he took care of me when I needed it and now I am alone. How do you go on? We do have 3 sons but they are all grown. Hi all, I lost my wife on 27 Dec She was 23 year old.

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We spent a wonderful and joyfull life of 2 years with each other. I miss her very much all the time. Hi there.


That is so lovely you widow chat room say you had 2 wonderful years with your wife. It is what you need to get through this difficult time is your memories.

I lost my husband aged 38 last year and although the brilliant memories are hard to think about sometimes they are what will push you through difficult days. Be kind to yourself. Like many others I was totally unprepared for the loss of my best friend in April of After many widow chat room of marriage she had a major heart attack and was gone in 2 days.

The shock was widow chat room because she had no symptoms or heart problems. For a little over one year I'm still trying to adjust to living alone which is a first for me. Maybe keeping in touch with people who too have been through this might be helpful.

Richard, Boynton Beach, Florida. Hello everyone, My best friend lost her husband three weeks ago very suddenly. He was 28 and also one of my best friends. I am absolutely devastated and although I am able to go back to my normal routine my best friend is not and I am so worried.

I suppose I am looking for some advice from people that have experienced this to help me help her. In addition to coping with your own grief, you must be feeling helpless in the face of your friend's pain. Try to keep in mind that a sudden, unexpected loss takes lots of time to come to terms with.

Also, when the survivors are young, there aren't as many people their age who can relate to what's happened, widow chat room. It's wonderful that you want to support your friend, so here's some suggestions: - read our posts about coping with sudden death, symptoms of grief, and coping as a young widow.

Hope that helps. I lost my wife in Feb. Of 31 years. Feels like a part of my body gone. We went and done everything together. No one really understands the pain unless they have been there. I miss her so much. I just loss my with of 31 years to cancer not many months after we were told widow chat room had cancer. We done everything together and am having a hard time dealing with the pain and lioness of not having her to talk to and hold each day.

She was 49so I know how you are feeling. Am trying to get through each day. I lost my fiance unexpectedly in when I was also carrying our first child I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Nearly two years now and the feelings are so raw and it still widow chat room now as much as it did the night i lost the love of my life. I've been so strong for our baby girl but lately I've been feelibg like I haven't mourned properly and might have a random outburst of emotions anytime soon now.

I don't know how long I can kep it together for just hoping anyone has any activities or programs would be that would suit my situation. It's good that you're aware of your emotional unfinished business and are reaching out for support. Considering the way your loss happened and the fact that you had to focus on your new baby, it sounds like you may have put your mourning on hold. You'll probably get the best support by consulting with a mental health professional, such as a clinical social worker or psychologist who specializing in grief and bereavement.

While support groups for young widowed parents try GriefNet. With the right support, it does get better! My husband died in a motorcycle accident in September We were married 19 funny dating headlines guys and I sent six hours with him, knowing he had no brain activity.

I went into shock and several times couldn't find my home, went to movies I didnt remember, so many lapses. The worst part was that we lived alone together up in the Northern CA foothills.

I retired as a Social Worker but he was still working at 54 and could have retired this month. Neither of us had parent still living, and as an only child, my entire family consists of two adult daughters who live over an hour away.

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I sleep in his clothes, smell his pillow and go from times I think I can cope to complete helplessness, widow chat room, I havent even applied for his Social Securty, we were in the middle of remodeling, have four cars and motorcycles, Jeeps, a garage full of tools and virtually no one to help. As is typical, the offers stopped coming after the first couple of months. Never have I felt so truly lost in the world, with no one who loves me in an intimate way, and being young at heart, don't know if I want to exist alone until my last breath.

The worst moment was at a doctor appt when they confirmed that he was my 'emergency contact. My kids have their own lives and children and can't take care of me in widow chat room way he did. I am desperate to communicate with men and women who may be in a similar situation.

In my case, the isolation makes it worse, and as a Social Worker, I know that there is no magic pill that will prevent going through the pain and trying to reach the other side. When my mother died, it tooks years to really forgive myself. The trauma of seeing this fearless man who was the ultimate thrill seeker who could do anything and was in charge of most of the housing duties, laying in a way I wont describe here still haunts me, and I know the symptoms of PTSD, and I have them all.

Maybe I just want to feel those who do know what it feels because I'm so tired of telling others they can't know what I'm going through, dating apps for anime fans they think seven or eight months out of nineteen years should be enough to 'move on. A therapist once told me years ago that there is a difference widow chat room 'knowing' and 'believing.

If anyone out there can relate, I hope to hear from you. My husband died suddenly on his Harley. We live in California Northern foothills which just be became isolated without him.

He was We had both lost our parents and I have no family left except my adult two daughters and cannot seem to motivate myself, even to apply for his social security.

None of his free naked pictures of mature women get why after six months I'm still grieving, and even a young psychiatrist doesn't and can't truly understand. I know no one who has lost a spouse who isn't at an age where they are mainly home bound and have lots of extended family who care for them. I have no help with the house, cars, yard, money, and I had retired after 25 years as a Social Worker.

Widow chat room husband and I still went to metal concerts and were happy alone, only when he was on a ride with his bike or Jeep. What my life is i don't know. My family wants me to move back to Sacramento, but I can let go of the house we lived in for almost twenty years and he called 'Gods Country. I feel stuck somewhere in the middle, and I am so lonely and see him everywhere in this house. Being a Social Worker, I know I have to suffer through this, but I don't know if I'm going to make it widow chat room any support system.

This is why I am reaching out to you. I hope someone, male or female can validate some of my feelings and perhaps become part of a much needed system of those who feel my pain, widow chat room. I can understand my husband of 18 years passed away suddenly from cancer.

It wasn't till he passed away I realized he was my rock,my best friend the love of my life. I wake feeling he's there I hear his voice and I realize it's a dream. Everything I see,hear even the music I hear in a store,it suddenly can make me cry for no reason.

But when you are so close that you were like one person. It feels like a fight to stay normal,everyday. Even though he just passed I have been grieving him for about the last year. They did not know what to do and just scrambled along leaving me there with the tears flowing. I felt bad for them, me and the strangers that witnessed my meltdown. That was just the beginning of many awkward moments to come. Looking back, there were many people who had openly offered me help.

The offers seemed generic at the time and I had no idea what help I needed. And as for shopping, I was physically able to go, but emotionally I was dead and buried with my late wife. Widow chat room this case, I needed emotional help in the form of grocery shopping. Regardless the offers, I definitely did not have the mental energy to call anyone for help.

All I could think was that we needed supplies and wondered how fast could I get in and out of the store before I had another embarrassing meltdown. I am happy to say that Widow chat room survived the grocery store. I may have filled widow chat room few mop buckets with tears during those early visits, but I survived. Each visit made the next easier and before long the grocery store was not so scary. I hope that as you navigate through those early days, you find ways to ease the pain of public triggers.

Do not forget those offers to help you. They can become quite helpful in your healing. Introduction Please Read First. General Discussion Feel free to talk about anything and everything that does not fit into any other category on the Forum. Widow chat room Widowed 1 day to 6 months This board is for the newly widowed.

Shock Wears Off, Reality Sets In 6 to 12 months This board is for those that are past the shock and are living in the hardness of grief and its crazy emotions. Beyond Active Grieving This board is for those who are no longer in a constant state of grief. We hope you consider joining this bereavement and grief online widow chat room network.

By taking the first step to help yourself by searching for assistance online, then furthering your exploration by finding this bereavement and grief support network shows that you are ready to feel better - the bereavement and grief portion of this web site might be just what you need to begin doing so.

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