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They had made sure that the master bedroom and Henry's room was on the same floor so if he ever needed them, they could reach him or vice versa. I was walking down the stairs to the bullpen having to interject in their little conversation. Here are your keys, and Morgan no trashing the room this time. And just remember to be yourself, just the way you always been. Criminal minds fanfiction emily and jj dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Purgatory by WiccaWoman reviews A little bit of angst, with a little fluff. Prentiss, Jennifer J. But what happens when Emily gets a call that JJ has been in an accident? Prentiss - Complete. Unexpected Discoveries by wild-angel82 reviews In an effort to avoid advances from a certain southern detective, JJ tells him that she's dating Emily and even kisses her to prove it.

Secret by egoofy34 reviews When JJ is shot her secret relationship with Emily is finally revealed. Please Read and Review!


Chapter 28 up now and the story is now complete! Hope you like it. What happens when two agents can't keep their feelings a secret anymore? Sorry crappy summary Secret, The Story Continues by egoofy34 reviews A series of one shots that takes place after "Secret. But we can't work on cases with one less member. We don't even know how to operate with one less person. I hadn't thought he was listening. Just as I was about to reach my office, Hotch called me into his.

My eyes instantly landing on a gorgeous brunette had just stood up from the opposite side of his desk. Emily just smiled back blushing. Like I have time, you just wait Prentiss. If you have 'em I hope you have told them the field you are entering. It makes you unable to have criminal minds fanfiction emily and jj dating personal life at times" I said looking up and smiling. If you want to keep it personal, I um, I completely understand! We're friends right?

I tell my friends these things. After I had finished briefing Emily she was introduced to the rest of the team, minus Garcia because she stayed at headquarters when we travelled. Morgan instantly took a liking to her; they both realized that they like some author named Kurt. Gideon had just been making her feel like online sites wiki was welcome, honestly she really was welcome.


She was now a part of our family. All I could think of throughout the introductions was how poised she was. And how quickly she was fitting in, I couldn't imagine entering this close knit group of people. But she handled it so well.

When we landed in Up-State New York we were forced with a serial killer who had been killing blonde women from ages Why is it always the blondes? I thought to myself. Here are your keys, and Morgan no trashing the room this time.

JJ & Emily~I Need Your Love

Now everyone get a good night's rest, turn early and be ready for work by 7 tomorrow morning. When we walked into the room I don't think Emily knew that to save budget money only Hotch and Gideon got the double bedrooms.

The rest of us got singles. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Criminal Minds. Read and find out! Turning towards Hotch I asked "Should we wait for Prentiss? That's nice to know. Emily" I had never experienced a girl being so flirtatious with me, and I had never acted that way back.

With Emily it was different she had a diplomatic upbringing with her mother being a US Ambassador she always had to bring about a certain appearance, the good little Catholic all American girl.

So as a teen Emily rebelled all her mother's control and dated both men and women, just trying to fit in, as that was always hard when they moved between postings, country to country, city to city. When Emily came out that she was lesbian to her mother when she was twenty one and about to join the FBI Academy. Her mother didn't really show any emotion, or support for that matter when just put on her diplomatic stoic facial expression, when Emily told her, so she left it at that.

Leaving her relationship with her mother more strained than usual.

Emily always woke before the alarm no matter how tired she was it was just another bad habit that is really hard to break, it wasand Henry would be up soon, the blond haired blue eyed four year old liked waking up bright and early every day without fail since the day he was born, much to the dismay of his three parents.

She laid there on their bed JJ curled into her naked side; her head lay on Emily's bare chest the sound of her wives heartbeat seemed to calm JJ down enough to sleep after another night of love making, Emily kept her arm wrapped almost protectively around her new wives waist.

Barely covered by even the comforter Emily thought it would be best if she tried why do women mature faster than men make themselves at least a little bit decent before Henry comes barrelling into their bedroom and jumps on their bed to wake them up, they had been lucky not criminal minds fanfiction emily and jj dating get caught in the act, yet.

So, Emily pulled the comforter and duvet over the both of them tucking them under the covers. Emily and JJ had bought a five bedroom three floor house within a month of Emily proposing, it also had a large back garden for Henry and any other Jareau-Prentiss' that they decide to have to play in which also has a small playground of jungle gym like equipment and an average size swimming pool, a large study, three bathrooms including an en suite to the master bedroom, a modern large open plan kitchen dining area, a living area which leads to the conservatory.

They had made sure that the master bedroom and Henry's room was on the same floor so if he ever needed them, they could reach him or vice versa. JJ began to stir opening her eyes slowly to adjust the sunshine which had begun to rise through the bedroom curtains, shining right on to the bed spread.

She immediately noticed that Emily had tucked them both in under the covers, JJ looked up to see Emily wide awake in her own little world, thinking. JJ lifted her head giving a gracious view of her well-developed full breasts criminal minds fanfiction emily and jj dating Emily before she fused her lips with her wives, causing both of them to groan in pleasure with the contact.

Criminal minds fanfiction emily and jj dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)