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Saying that someone who is trans should kill themselves is absolutely hate speech. His statement on this unfortunate discovery reads as follows:. Got temp banned from twitch for calling Caff a cunt for his behaviour in the past towards his community and others in industry. Nah she just picks out the one person agreeing with her and goes on believing she's right. Hijacking this, The admin team has taken action over on the Yogscast Wiki to remove his page and name from core navigation, Yogscast categories, and the homepage. Are hannah and caff dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I've come to the conclusion Hannah's an aggressive person I can't say for everyone but maybe they disliked the way she doxxed a little boy for being an asshole.

Maybe it is her common collaboration with caff who can be overbearing and a backseat gamer. Her views have been tanking ever since that started. She can also come off as angry, bitchy and overall rude to the fandom. She seems not to care about the games she plays these days. She streamed outlast 2 with caff and the donation sounds were way too loud and they constantly complained about the game which made for terrible quality youtube viewing.

Fans gave their criticism and she didn't respond very well. She has an attitude about her lack of popularity sometimes, Her subreddit wasn't doing so well and This is what she has to say about it. These are the things i know about.

I'm sure she is a lovely woman but she doesn't have the right personality to be an online entertainer IMO. This quote from one of her videos comment section gives insight to what the biggest reason probably is.

I became a subscriber because of your playthrough of Beyond: Two Souls. You were truly passionate about the game and much more serious, but now I'm afraid your playthroughs are full of repetitious ramblings of 'I nepali dating give a shit'. I can no longer support nor watch this bullshit. Are hannah and caff dating watched Hannah's content for a long time, but this is what did it for me.

The constant complaining are hannah and caff dating shitting all over a game. I forget what game it was, maybe Until Dawn? When you take the piss out of a game, it's fine because they all have flaws or silliness.

Hannah and Caff play Alto's Adventure! - Tap!

But if all you have to say is "so dumb, people wouldn't do that, this is stupid," then your content is no longer fun or entertaining. I remember the thread about the initial criticism, and her response at the time. I agree that comments simply stating her collaborators were annoying are unhelpful, and it was those comments which initially prompted her backlash. But within those comments were several pieces of feedback which I believe some people felt were being overlooked, and her backlash seemed to strike the wrong tone with a great many people who were genuinely voicing constructive and are hannah and caff dating feedback.

Of course she shouldn't be attacked for her frustrations; similarly, we shouldn't expect people to act like PR specialists. In my personal opinion, and I voiced this in the original thread - if I'm not mistaken - there was a legitimate conversation to be had which unfortunately was being overlooked.


Especially annoying because with those specific tweets that OP quoted both Ross and Zoey pointed out that she shouldn't highlight these comments and Hannah responded by insulting the Hat Films audience and attacking Zoey's mental health issues, the latter tweet being so bad she deleted it, but you can still see other people's reaction to it here. She's just incapable of accepting anyone having a different opinion to hers and likes to insult people for even the smallest bit of criticism, like here.

Caff, you do you sir. People have opinions, you will never please everyone. The fact you are how good at flirting quiz in this thread with as much respect as this speaks volumes about your character. Stream away, be yourself. Sure Have a flick back through your old stuff. Not one person can't refine their work, but do it for you.

Personally from my experience of viewing you in content it seems you exaggerate your personality a bit in videos which just reminds me of children's TV presenters which makes me feel it's not genuine. Also an example I found was in the first poker stream you were in where it felt you were boasting over your hands to the point it got people rooting against you very early on whereby are hannah and caff dating you were humble it wouldn't have been the case.

Everyone's different and its wrong to force you to be someone your not but I always enjoyed content whereby people seem more humble and laid back e. Just 'cause you asked, I remember watching that series with the live action detective game, you'd start talking or are hannah and caff dating singing whatever irrelevant thing popped into your head over the npcs talking plot.

Thanks for reminding me to check you out caff, I have enjoyed watching you in the few things ive seen of you.

I'll be sure to check out more later now :. It's likely just friendly ribbing. It is literally nothing to do with any of these things. It's a joke about how she is one of the less popular Yogs members nowadays. They're friends, they don't hate her, are hannah and caff dating.


I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I don't actually think "Don't like, Don't watch" is a terrible argument. For example, I wouldn't start watching makeup channels because I know I wouldn't like that.

Likewise, if stop enjoying a channel then I'll stop watching. It seems though, what some people do. Is endlessly complain about a channel, but keep watching. Then wonder why nothing changes. Basically telling the creator they'll watch the videos regardless. So why should the creator bother to make changes?

Hannah Rutherford

Of course, in an ideal world everyone could take constructive criticism. I do think though, not watching the videos anymore actually shows the criticism actually was valid. Being a content creator that genuinely believes in "Don't like, don't watch" is to be a content creator that will never grow, as proven by Hannah and the fact that she now struggles to break 10k views within a week. She is a living example of why that mindset is trash, and is now presumably making absolute minimum wage after being with the Yogscast since basically the start and being handed a channel with a million subscribers.

I can't think of anyone that has squandered an opportunity on Youtube like she has, and it is because of "Don't like, don't watch".

I don't think it's a great mindset for channel growth. But i then thought that maybe he didn't mean it seriosly, or just REALLY wanted to be with a fan, that he probably barely even new. A few days later his streams pop up again, and i watch it. It turns out to be a rerun because i noticed the thing about zoo again. And i couldn't help but think about it. I don't know if it has anything to do with this.

And i didn't suspect it at All at he time. But hearing this now just kind of makes med think I know it's considered a douche move in the Twitch community, but this is an exception, and it's looking like he's deleting all his are capron and natalie still dating media anyway.

Most banks have an online form for it. Just mark the transaction, cite it as services not delivered, and explain that it was a payment to fund online content on pages which were deleted shortly after the donation went through.

Not sure if they will. Yogs still occasionally joke about other instances where Yogs have been kicked out like Gamechap because that specific are hannah and caff dating wasn't are hannah and caff dating severe.

Later today

I doubt they would bring this one up, either. I don't want to say too much because I'm not entirely certain of the full situation. It was something along the lines of Ridge impregnating a fan of the Yogscast. Apologies if this is wrong. It's just what I can remember from memory. I personally can't wait until Smiffy digs into him. He's not afraid to throw punches and I hope he doesn't go easy on Caff. I love how Smiffy wasn't on the Elon Musk bandwagon and called him out when he started acting cuntish and called that dude a pedo.

I can't wait for the incoming roasts. You can change it on mobile now. Go to the subreddit main page, press the three little dots in the upper right, and "change user flair" should be the 2nd or 3rd option down. I thought I was the only one. I tried to like him when he first joined, but soon just gave up.

He had such a "creepy" feel to him, and I had long ago stopped questioning that feeling. I even stopped watching Hannah because every video seemed to include him. Only time I ever avoided Duncan and Kim videos was when he joined temporarily. I did the same. I used to watch every video of Hannah's religiously, and I just couldn't get his humour and personality so I stopped, no offense meant to Hannah. At least now if one good thing came out of this situation, I can start watching Hannah's content again.

Remember some people used to joke about him and Hannah having a relationship because he'd kind of get in her personal space during streams. And everyone was like, nah, he's just a lean-in kind of guy. I subbed to are hannah and caff dating as soon as he joined the Yogscast but unsubbed within a week because I did not like the energy he was giving off, it felt fake. I didnt even sub, I listen to the introduction of him video, Its been a while I think it was like a little compilation of clips.

Sadly it got to the point I stopped watching Hannah because most of her videos at the time were with him and it slowly pushed me away from Yogscast. Same here, are hannah and caff dating. Just felt like he was an asshole, not in the fun, comedic way. I am so glad it's not just me! Saw one stream featuring him when he first joined the Yogscast and just had a gut reaction that he seemed 'off' like you said - just felt an instant dislike for him.

This is just awful news to read. I'm having a bit of a hard time finding the right word, but I always found him to be a bit too I thought he might be gay and that that was why him being that way around are hannah and caff dating wasn't threatening to people. I also remember posts from an event a year or two ago where dating curvy ladies were commenting that he seemed weirdly close to Hannah and she defended him.

There was always something about him I didn't like, always felt kinda full of himself. But damn didn't expect this shit. Edit: And for those wondering yea, there'll be a lot of I never liked him posts here now.

My First Day At The Yogscast (Yog Tours)

Thing is, say this never happened and you didn't like him. Try telling a fan subreddit jobs for mature women don't like a facet of what they are a are hannah and caff dating off, that rarely ends well. Plus it's cathartic. Yeah pyrion has articulated this really well, I always felt are hannah and caff dating was slightly off with Caffs interactions with the others but couldn't quite place it.

Yeah he has always been a bit creepy and the way he only ever did stuff with women was slightly strange but I did not expect this AT ALL.

Radders also commented on this post: Radders' comment. Yeah just saw. And radders have posted now to. Her being close to him and all. But her anger just verified it for me. I did not know and am currently in the process of scrubbing him from anything I've ever done or deleting the content. Once I find out someone is a sexual predator, I don't work with them again. He always creeped me out and now I know why and why he always wanted to stream with women.

Fuck him. To the people who came forward, you have my eternal admiration for your strength. I hope you all take the time now to heal. ShadowAuraInnes wrote You must have more enemies than friends because being positive, diffusing stresses and having a laugh are all thi Categories :.

Earlier today I was notified of serious allegations made against Caff and his conduct with particular members of his audience. As you know, the Yogscast expects the highest levels of professionalism from its talent and that it is central to the company and its ethos that our fans and community are considered first. He is no longer part of the Yogscast collective. Meredith has since removed his Twitter, blocked all comments on his YouTube videos and actively avoided contact with his fans.

This news has caused great upset and shock amongst both Yogscast fans and creators. Hannah Rutherford, the owner of the YogsLomadia channel, was particularly upset having often been a part of collaborations involving Meredith. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Are hannah and caff dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)