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I know this sounds crazy, but you need to hear me out here. I do ALL these things with my best friend and we are not going out oh and Dan was holding his own hands together like how he normally does. HichiIchi Twincest 1 Ichigo Kurosaki had always loved his twin brother; that was nothing new. When Phil put his head in dans chest, that was also being silly. I have read the comments, think of it this way. Dan and phil dating proof [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Reblogged 7 months ago from im-the-one-you-want-to-forget Dan and phil dating proof from it-hitsdifferent. Source: it-hitsdifferent. Reblogged 7 months ago from im-the-one-you-want-to-forget Originally from littleshitphil. Not trying to start an argument, just sayin'. Also, none of these reasons are really valid. I know I've shared food with my best friend.

My friends sit in each others lap all the time and sleep on each other at sleepovers and stuff. Finally, if you look at he video they are "holding hands" you can tell it's Dan clasping his own hand. Otherwise, Phil would have to stretching his left hand over in a really awkward position an holding the phone with his right hand. Dan and phil dating proof feel like if they were they would have come out by now but what I don't get is why they sleep in different rooms.

If they were it doesn't seem likely. I feel like they do things like hold hands and such just to tease little fangirls who think they're fucking. But sometimes when I watch their videos I think about dan and phil dating proof would be the top and who would be the bottom XD. Okay, I ship Phan as much as the next person.

I actually believe it's real, but these reasons aren't even valid. I'm honestly not trying to be mean here, but if you were going to "exploit" Phan as being real, at least have some good proof. Now it's like the friggin Titanic, because ios dating app template of you guys don't know about this thing called privacy and respect.

Don't get me wrong, I love Phan. But if it is real, don't you think they'd like to tell us themselves? Not have some teenage kids on the internet trying to prove it before they can even get the words out? I mean, seriously, try not to point out every single thing they do that could possibly out them especially all of your stupid invalid reasonsand maybe, if they are real, they'll come out. In the meantime, it's none of your business.


Back off and don't invade anyone's personal life. This isn't just for you, it's for literally everyone who has done something like this. Mysecretstoryaccount Featured By Owner Jul 1, They aren't holding hands in that screenshot, Dan has his own hands held together, and Phil is holding a baking tray and a camera.


I do believe Phan is real, because several other YouTubers said it was, as well as I've seen the V-day video. But they weren't holding hands there, Phil is too derpy to hold a camera with one hand. Also, Phil has said he was bi, and never said otherwise.

There was a tweet last year from Dan, saying "Phan is real fuckers" but he deleted it. I guess so. They hugged at vidcon though if you didn't see that.

Also cat uploaded a vlog today and dan drinks from dan and phil dating proof drink through his straw idk some people r into that stuff. I just like to see them in videos together. I don't believe Phan is real, but it is my OTP. I'm sorry guys, I'm just stating the truth.

Mysecretstoryaccount Featured By Owner Sep 21, Hidden by Commenter. I mean I know literally everyone has seen this video, I just don't want someone who doesn't know best to find the link and upload it on Tumblr where dan and phil can see it. I hid it, and yeah I understand that.

That was a prank, genius. They both said they were going to release it on April fools day but they knew dan and phil dating proof would cause an uproar so they didnt, then it leaked and wabam, just what they expected. Plus he looks to the left meaning he is lying. Perhaps but have you seen the twitter posts to each other from a couple of years ago? I would give you a link but I only have it as a file on my computer, They were saying stuff as if they were a couple.

Calling each other babe and all that. B a couple of years ago, things change, just take dans word, they never were and never will be a thing. Elx98 Featured By Owner Jan 20, Both Dan AND Phil said that they were bi on formspring, but now that they have a bunch of new fans they deny it.

I think it's real but they haven't came out yet because a lot of their subscribers are "madly in love" with them and so if they did that a lot of people would unsubscribe And its not like they can hide that it's real.

There's so much proof omg xD "Just best friends" Lol no I don't think so. So yeah Phan IS real They both had a formspring back in where they both confirmed they were bi, however Dan said he prefered girls. Tweesy Featured By Owner Jun 27, Prev 1 2 Next. More from kerbubbles. View Gallery. The Phandom has way too much time on their hands — that is a known fact. Here I pitfalls of online sites the most ridiculous yet incredibly convincing Phandom Conspiracy Theories.

This idea had been discussed for a long time. Suspiciously, they somehow manage to read the exact question they want to talk about. Nobody really cared, though. Yeah, awkward! Neither of them tweeted it or mentioned to a fan. October was the date someone realised this account was following a lot of Dan and Phil fan accounts. They just dan and phil dating proof liked some of our tweets, some of our conversations.

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