Madagascar dating and marriage

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It has happened that the two families did not find any agreements together which cancelled the wedding altogether. If married people seek to become Catholics, their two years of instruction will include Catholic teaching on marriage, and if they then choose to be baptized, their union will be ratified as a Catholic marriage. Profile ID: Rolinah, 27 y. Madagascar dating and marriage [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Malagasy Traditional Marriage Customs (Part one)

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Share on Digg Share. Send email Mail. I have been fortunate in having had the opportunity to speak at length on this matter with five La Salette Missionaries from Madagascar, on different occasions.

Along with three Americans — Fr. Jack Nuelle, Bro. Mark Gallant and Bp. Donald Pelletier — I would like to acknowledge also Fr.


Tristan de Salmiech of France and Fr. Marian Sajdak of Poland. To all of these La Salettes I am most grateful, madagascar dating and marriage I am very happy to share their reflections and insights.

In Western society, marriage is generally the starting point of a distinct new family, which is self-sufficient, with a legitimate claim to goods and property of its own. A family is most commonly defined as consisting of parents and their children. It is quite another matter in African society. There, marriage does not give rise to a new, distinct entity, but serves chiefly to continue the life of the broader family.

It provides for a flow of life, that the life received from the ancestors will be passed on from generation to generation. Everyone is related, in the very real sense that all the members in this extended family are truly in intimate relationship with one another.

A child is precious to all, and grows up with a constant and profound sense of being accepted. In a total population of 8. First, the whole family works the same rice field, and tends therefore to stay near the rice field. Thirdly, children are very docile to their elders not just to their parents and are content to live the way others have lived before them.

In more recent times some madagascar dating and marriage this has begun to change, but what is said here is still true of the great majority. First, a teenager's parents and elders will decide it's time they had one less mouth to feed, and build a small hut for their son around age 18 or their daughter around age 16and then arrange with another family for a potential spouse to share the hut.

Given this broad madagascar dating and marriage context, let us now take a look at marriage in Malagasy society. The traditional approach to marriage is progressive.

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Second, if the young man and woman are getting along, they may indicate a desire to enter into a more formal relationship. An arbitrator will help them reach an agreement on a dowry to be paid by the boy's family, to compensate the girl's family for the fact that she will no longer be there to help with the work in the rice field.


The betrothal takes place, and all the grownups bless the boy and girl by blowing water on them. Third, once the dowry has been completely paid and once a child has been born, guaranteeing that the wife-to-be is fertile, the families will come together for the formal native marriage ceremony. In fact, however, many marriages break up. Here, too, the consent of both families madagascar dating and marriage required, and divorce brings no disgrace.


Younger children will go to the mother's family, older children to the father's.

Madagascar dating and marriage [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)