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May God Bless You and Everyone always. Thanks for the update! Just finished both seasons and wish it was continuing! These three are a primary relationship and refer to themselves as "the Triad". It's anniversary time for both families! Polyamory married and dating cast [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Shortly following the season finale, the production company, BermanBraun, changed ownership. Jennifer and Jesse had an intimate wedding with a fabulous steam punk theme pictured above and they bought a house where they live with their two dogs. After nearly a 4 year journey with Tziporah, they consciously transitioned their live-in primary relationship into a loving friendship.

This summer we will be traveling to Sweden! Watch our live streaming anniversary celebration here. Roxanne has since started erotic dancing and is opening her own pole dance studio. This book is so controversial that it is censored by Amazon and can only be found by this hidden link:.

Polyamory: Married & Dating

First Name Email. We hate spam just as much as you. Sign Up Via Facebook! What happened to the beautiful Triad from season 1?


Are they still together? Love love this show! I've heard it all, and I think it's unhelpful.

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For one thing, it's unrealistic to look for the poly family that perfectly represents poly. We're all as eccentric and different as monogamous people. You undercut the liberating potential of poly[amory] if you make people feel guilty for not subscribing to the politically correct poly profile.

Polyamory Season 1: Poly Partners

The Pod is having a great time on the polyamory married and dating cast as a family unit which makes Tahl realize how happy he is, and decides he wants to come out to his very conservative parents. Jen disapproves but ultimately, it's Tahl's decision. In the season finale, San Diego is put to the test when one of Jen's major boundaries is broken - will she and Tahl move out? Meanwhile, the triad contemplates what's next for them and what it means in the eyes of their community and the world.

New family unit Chris, Leigh Ann and Megan are introduced. Leigh Ann's business commitments lead her to spend more time away from Chris and Megan than she wants, causing her to worry that the two are spending too much time together. Tahl reveals that he is bisexual and mentions an interest in Michael's brother.


Jen has taken on a new partner and they decide to fluid bond. Chris makes an effort to spend more time Leigh Ann but her outside commitments continue to interfere. Michael worries that Kamala's new boyfriend is drawing too much of her focus. Things have been strained with the trio with Leigh Ann traveling for work.


Chris and Megan pick up Leigh Ann from the airport only to discover what's really been going on in Leigh Ann's world. Kamala asks Michael to go deeper with his new girlfriend Rachel so he can try to develop more of an emotional relationship than a sexual relationship.

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Polyamory married and dating cast [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)