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Charles Stanley pays a special visit to the Duggars. Jim Bob and Josh's trainer, Steve Conley and his pastor, come to the Duggars' home for dinner, with their families. The Duggars adjust to life in Little Rock getting back to their school work. The Duggars visit a pretzel shop and help raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization that is aimed at fighting childhood cancer. When it comes to hand-holding, that also must wait until the couple is engaged. 19 kids and counting double dating duggars [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

From your laugh, beyonce single ladies costume ideas your smile, your beautiful eyes, your sense of humor, your incredible fashion sense, your adventurous spirit, your diligence, your compassionate heart, your selflessness, your love for those around you, and most of all, your love for Christ. You make me long to know Him more. I love you with 19 kids and counting double dating duggars of my heart and always will.

Love your girl forever, Jing. When it comes to hand-holding, that also must wait until the couple is engaged. There have been a few times the Duggars have broken this rule while courting, however. All Episodes Jill and her buddy group make the Duggars' Director: Scott Enlow. Writer: Mary Wilcher. Brenda Song Shares Her Obsessions. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Derick Dillard Himself Jill Duggar Dillard Herself as Jill Duggar Anna Duggar Herself Jackson Duggar Himself James Duggar Himself Jana Duggar Herself Jason Duggar Himself Jedidiah Duggar As Josh was the only married child of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar at the time, this announcement was noteworthy as the child would be the first grandchild for the couple, whose family was the subject of the reality show 18 Kids and Counting.

Josh shared his excitement, saying "I am very excited and am learning new ways every day that I can be there for my 19 kids and counting double dating duggars. On May 12,TLC aired the 18 Kids and Counting episode "Duggars on a Double Date", which showed the couple learning of their pregnancy and sharing the news with their family.

In the episode, Anna takes a pregnancy test like she had many times previously in her few months of marriage and leaves it for Josh to look at the results, saying she didn't want to be disappointed again. Upon finding the test was positive, Josh shared the news with Anna by saying: "You're going to join the mommy team! After calling Anna's family to tell them the news, the couple visited Josh's family to share their excitement.

They are walking on clouds. The family visits one of the largest waterfalls in North America, Niagara Falls. The Duggars, who are prone to motion sickness, spend the day riding the Maid of the Mistchallenging the Cave of the Windsand checking out the Jet Boat and Fort Niagara.

Michelle demonstrates her homeschooling skills as the family prepares for their annual ATI conference in Big Sandy. Later, 19 kids and counting double dating duggars kids visit a Spanish tutor and order in Spanish at a restaurant. The Duggars are in Atlanta, Georgia for a speaking engagement, then for some fun in the water, which includes jet skiing, tubing and wake boarding.

But happiness turns to worry when Jason accidentally falls into a foot orchestra pit, and EMTs come and take him to the ER. The Duggars continue their visit in Atlanta with their trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Later, the family meets professional surfer, and shark attack survivor, Bethany Hamilton.

The Duggars once again visit their friends, the Bates, for some fellowship and fun. In addition, the oldest Bates son, Zach, makes a very special request to his girlfriend Sarah, to begin a courtship. It is Jim Bob's birthday, but before the party can start, Michelle gives him a special gift, a trip to the allergist, complete with several rounds of allergy injections.

The Duggars take part in a Habitat for Humanity initiative to help rebuild homes devastated by tornadoes in Birmingham, Alabama. The Duggars answer questions taken directly from the viewers. This is followed by an announcement that they were expecting their twentieth child. The Duggars plant trees and visit a corn maze. Michelle speaks at a women's meeting; the older girls go with her, leaving Jim Bob to take care of the little ones alone.

The Bizarre Dating Rules the Duggars Have to Follow

Later, Michelle and Jim Bob visit the obstetrician for a pregnancy check up. Mackynzie gets her first haircut. Josh and Anna provide updates on their car lot and their son Michael. A family as big as the Duggars, the Vanderhoffs, comes to visit. Jim Bob stays home and plays host while Michelle visits her friend of 39 years. Michelle also does a speaking engagement at a Moms' meeting.

The Duggars visit a pretzel shop and help raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization that is 19 kids and counting double dating duggars at fighting childhood cancer. The Duggars go to Space Camp. The family tests their strengths and skills by doing astronaut training activities such as a multi-axis trainer and flight simulator. Jedidiah undergoes minor surgery to remove a growth from his lip. The Duggars meet up with some old friends and volunteer at a fish fry.

The family celebrates Joy-Anna's 14th birthday and Johannah's 6th birthday. Later, Joy gets her first driving flirting leads to cheating from Michelle.

All the Duggar boys help 19 kids and counting double dating duggars Josh at his new car lot and Jim Bob and Michelle write their second book. Michelle and Jim Bob visit the obstetrician for another routine ultrasound checkup of their baby, only to receive devastating news that the baby miscarried. The family travels to Florida for the wedding of Anna's sister Priscilla. Note : This is Cameron's second appearance. The first was in season two's "Lights, Camera, Duggars". Includes a retrospective look at the growth of the younger children.

The Duggars show what they snack on between meals. The Duggars pet sit for a pair of puppies and Michelle must manage both the children and the pets. Later, the family renovates a new property. The family travels to Joplin, Missouri, where they participate in Mother's Day Fundraiser for the victims of the tornado. Back home, the Duggars pose for family photos. Later, everyone pitches in to help Josh move cars from one used car lot to another.

Double Date With the Parents - 19 Kids and Counting

The family goes fishing and hiking, and the older Duggar girls, along with Amy, let Grandma Duggar know how much she means to them. Anna is a guest reader for story time at the local public library and brings along Mackynzie and Michael. Jana begins her first solo ministry trip to Michigan. The four older girls speak at an event, where things get a little emotional. Following their honeymoon, David and Priscilla pay a visit to the Duggar home.

The family take part in a turkey hunt. Josh and Anna add a kitten, Domino, to the family, and baby Michael takes his first steps. The Duggar family care for multiple kittens and Michelle must teach the children how to properly look after them. John David takes on a big renovation project and thinks about his future.

The Duggar family celebrate grandson Michael's first birthday. Anna attempts to make a three-tiered high free fish dating service cake in time for the party. The Vanderhoff family visit the Duggars for dinner. The Duggars visit Branson, Missouri and ride roller coasters. Jill celebrates her 21st birthday. The Duggars are lighting up the sky after the family purchases fireworks for the 4th of July.

Then, Jim Bob takes some of the family to 19 kids and counting double dating duggars first fencing lesson. Also, the older girls start preparing for Michelle's birthday celebration. Michelle receives a personal makeover as her birthday gift. After the Duggars return home from Asia, Anna invites the family over to tell them the news that she and Josh are expecting baby number three.

Jana and Jill are studying to be midwives and spend an afternoon seeing patients, alongside a licensed midwife. Jim Bob and Josh start a day weight-loss competition. Jason and his brothers build a greenhouse. Priscilla Anna's sister, who is pregnant with her first baby and 19 kids and counting double dating duggars husband, David, visit, which prompts Josh and Anna to look at houses with more space.

Jim Bob and Josh receive the results from their medical exams, which are surprising. Jana and Jill have a midwifery client who goes into labor.


Jessa and Jinger volunteer as workers at a coffee shop to raise money 19 kids and counting double dating duggars an orphanage. Jackson and Johannah draw caricatures to raise money to buy a present for their future niece or nephew. Jim Bob and Michelle talk about their marriage, the ups and downs of it all, before going to a marriage retreat in Puerto Rico.

While they are away, and the older girls are away at a speaking engagement, Grandma along with Anna have the challenge of taking care of the little ones. John-David works toward 19 kids and counting double dating duggars his pilot's license; Joseph leaves home for the first time and there is a follow-up on Jim Bob's and Josh's weight loss.

Jim Bob and Josh's trainer, Steve Conley and his pastor, come to the Duggars' home for dinner, with their families. Also, Joseph goes to his emergency rescue training boot camp. Jim Bob and Josh feel the pain from their workouts. Josh takes Anna for an ultrasound to find out the sex of their baby, but they are going to wait to learn the results.

Jordyn has to have her tonsils taken out. Jana and Jill help deliver a baby. The family attends Joseph's graduation from boot camp. Josh's family goes to Florida where they visit Anna's family and meet her recently-born nephew, Paul. Steve creates an obstacle course for the Duggars to participate in except for Grandma before Jim Bob and Josh have their last weigh-in to see who won the weight-loss challenge.

Josh and Anna announce that they have decided on the job offer and they are moving to Washington, D. Things are changing for the Duggars. Josh and Anna are moving to Washington, D. The family helps Josh and Anna pack up and move, which includes some help from Steve Conley and along the way they local dating websites in for a visit with the Bates family.

The Duggar family say goodbye to Josh and Anna as they head off to their new life in a new place.

Duggars on a Double Date

Jim Bob decides the family should try raising farm animals, so they spend the day at a working farm. Josh and Anna adjust to life in D. The rest of the family come up with another way to give back. The Duggars head to a flea market and then decided have a fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Anna tries using the city subway for the first time. The Duggars visit the Bates family.

Triple Date - 19 Kids and Counting

Erin Bates announces her engagement to Chad Paine. The older girls, along with their mothers, go camping. Anna invites some new friends over for dinner, so she must juggle grocery shopping and cooking with three little ones. The Duggars revisit their flea market challenge. All sorts of activities are planned, along with an auction, to help raise money.

The family receives a surprise visit from Josh, Anna, and their kids, who have come to participate in the flea market.

Mackynzie Duggar

At the end of the episode, Jim Bob announces that Jessa is in a courtship with a young man named Ben Seewald. They text each other with rest of the family receiving texts, too as part of their getting-to-know-each-other phase of their relationship.


When Ben and Jessa's courtship becomes official, the Duggar boys put Ben to the test. Later, the tables are turned on Jessa when she visits Ben's hometown. The whole family reflects on what it means that a Duggar daughter may soon be leaving the nest.

19 kids and counting double dating duggars [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)