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In January , they ranked first in both segments at the European Championships in Stockholm and took the gold medal by a margin of 8. They also started skating full-time and, quite suddenly, things began to improve. We take a quick look back at what happened in the world of skating over the course of the past week. But winning that World gold medal in only your second season in seniors… were you surprised by it? Papadakis and cizeron dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

By Hiro Yoshida As the Sochi Olympic season concluded inwho could have predicted that Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron would turn the world of ice dance on its head and push the sport in a new direction toward PyeongChang? Post to Cancel. Because the practices are always good, most of the time. For now. I can just be myself and have a show out there, and not be so freaked out about losing points, you know?

Latin rhythms, right?

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I love Latin dances, I love watching Latin dances, papadakis and cizeron dating the floor. Plus, there are no much possible different choices for themes and musics. Latin music? Iiiihnot so many! Guillaume: The thing about the free dance is that you get to really ice dance, and not dance on the ice. You know what I mean? And the short dance is more about dancing on the ice. And for me the short dance kind of feels like Dancing with the stars.

There are some dances though, like the Waltz, for example: it just flows, because it fits with the ice.

Gabriella: A lot of dances are about the bounces on the floor, a lot of dances use the floor so much! In Swing, for example, the floor is like the main thing you use, to bounce and everything… How can you translate that on the ice, when you glide? This is such a different [dynamic]. Guillaume: I think we went as far as we could. But it still stays skating with a Swing theme. Last time we talked you also said that you try to break new ground through choreography, through costumes, and just be yourselves.


And in the course of the last three seasons, you did just that: you stood by your own rules, you remained true to yourselves. So would you lead me a bit into the choice of music for your free dance this season? Have you ever felt tempted to give up on it? Have you ever given up on a piece of music because you thought the judges, the public would consider it too original…?


Guillaume: We never gave up on something that we wanted because of the judges. Guillaume [nods] : At a certain point. I know it was a struggle at the beginning of the year, because it was a really hard program to approach….

Guillaume: It was from us [both smiling right now]. So they were like: This is really what you wanna do? And, for good measure, they broke their own record, again, as well, scoring She was able to skate through it, but the final element of the performance proved a particular challenge when Papdakis threw herself papadakis and cizeron dating and her costume rode up, leaving her exposed and on camera.

She told reporters afterwards:.

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It was my worst nightmare, happening at the Olympics. Yeah, I was pretty distracted. It happened in the first few seconds. I think we should be proud we were able to deliver a strong performance with that happening. Besides that, the couple even managed to gain level-four marks for all their elements in a dance competition.

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My worst nightmare at the Olympics. This rising star was called as one of the biggest surprises. Gabrielle is blonde and she is has got the dress size Guillaume is brown and he looks like a model.

They work together for six hours per day. Gabriella had feelings for a brother for Cizeron.

Papadakis and cizeron dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)