Are michael strahan and lara spencer dating

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry reportedly ban neighbors from speaking to them. Sometimes there's a stigma attached to how people view you if you're living a certain way. Kelly's live-in girlfriends pursuing careers in modeling, acting. Who's the diva on set? In an interview with Parade magazine, Roberts said her reservations had a lot to do with protecting her girlfriend's privacy. Are michael strahan and lara spencer dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Congrats are in order! Celebrity Engagement Rings by Carat Size. The happy news comes nearly two years after the Good Morning America cohost, 48, began dating her tech entrepreneur beau.

And now me. Anyone else feeling the same? During a vacation to Paris in JulySpencer captured their bliss in a sweet pic. Quickest Celebrity Engagements Ever. As previously reported, Spencer ended her year marriage to real estate broker and former CNN reporter David Haffenreffer in June They remain our top priority.


Lara Spencer actorz. Lara Spencer lara.

Good Morning America scandals you never knew about

Leave a Comment:. Search Go! Categories lara spencer instagram lara spencer instagram photo. Which is fun but challenging. At the end of May, speculation about who would take over for Strahan was all anyone could talk about. Names from Anderson Cooper to Fred Savage were floating around. In June, Strahan finally broke his silence.

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Sources said that Lara Spencer might be leaving and that George Stephanopoulos would focus more on politics while Strahan took a lead anchor position. It also set in that he would be starting to cover more serious news and Strahan was a little bit nervous about the change. Just when things seemed to have blown over, Strahan did an interview with People and admitted he and Ripa were no longer friends. Apparently in May, Cohen ran into Strahan. Both parties seem to have moved on, but who knows what may hold.

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‘GMA’ anchors ‘sick’ of Strahan getting special treatment

What would a successful morning news program be without some alleged backstage drama? Spencer and Robach denied their feud in a video broadcast by TMZ in Aprilbut that didn't do much to stop the bleeding.

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According to sources for TMZthe awkward timing was deliberate. On the one hand, the network allegedly gave Spencer a title bump to keep her happy after her colleague and rumored rivalAmy Robach, was promoted a few weeks prior. On the other hand, the network supposedly couldn't make a big deal out of it because "[Robin Rberts] can be quite a diva, and GMA didn't want to ruffle her feathers," TMZ reported. That might explain why the memo referred to Roberts as "the captain of our team. In Aprilgay and lesbian magazine The Advocate criticized Roberts for appearing on the cover of Mississippi's official tourism guide because the state had passed what the magazine called "a pro-discrimination law, allowing businesses, individuals and broadly defined 'religiously affiliated organizations' to refuse service to LGBT people, single mothers, and others who somehow offend an individual's 'sincerely held are michael strahan and lara spencer dating belief or moral conviction' regarding marriage and sexuality.

And what we all deserve to have in common is the right to be treated equally. The veteran news anchor weathered the storm relatively smoothly, and the network stood by him throughout the scandal. In fact, his only major punishment was self-inflicted. Politico said he withdrew himself from moderating a Republican debate scheduled in February All rights reserved. Good Morning America scandals you never knew about.

Are michael strahan and lara spencer dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)