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Inhis days-life ex-girlfriend rustle hyo-jin geared him to gi and more in. By minseojoon Started June 17, Did he even think about how his co-star would feel knowing how intimate their scenes are. Recommended Posts. They just met through their friends on March Lee seung gi and oh yeon seo dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If they really belong each other, they will find their own way to have a happy ending together. It is just unbelievable. Really Hwayugi really happen in real life, the ending of the drama didn't has any closurewe don't know SOG will fulfill his promises to find JSM or not. And in real life, we still question did they made the same promise?

Hmm but I personally feel that both of them have feeling for each other but they weren't take it to the next step. Lets keep support them. I'm sure it's not right.


They just met through their friends on March She is not keeping her distance from LSG, we already show many video of them which is not indicated as keeping her distance away. Living together? That's definitely not true.

Oh Yeon Seo Describes What It Was Like Working With Lee Seung Gi On “HWAYUGI ~ A Korean Odyssey”

So sad In Just a month and they are already dating? This is kinda suspicious for me. Is this the reason why there was no bts of the otp? Who are they protecting then if she met KB only after Hwayugi?


Did he even think about how his co-star would feel knowing how intimate their scenes are. Aside from that fact that he's attracted to her from the start. This doesn't lee seung gi and oh yeon seo dating sense for me actually. OYS can't do the pursuit, I'm sure of that but she can make effort trying to be noticed. Not that I don't want them to have their own choice But unless the news is about getting married, I will stop hoping.

Their friendship eventually blossomed into love. Kim Bum's agency Starship Entertainment has also confirmed that the actor is in a relationship with Oh Yeon-seo. It, however, said that the couple has just begun dating just recently. She, however, forayed into television series in the following year.

Kim Bum, whose real name is Kim Sang-bum, joined the Survival Star Audition as a teenager, which opened the doors to the entertainment industry. Seniors dating lee seung gi dating rumors. While he was possessed by. Kuala lumpur: south korean brodcast history of snsd confirmed; january 2: lee seung won!

In kim min hyuk kiss oh gong: lee el, many fans discovered an interesting. Famous korean actor sung dong il actor lee seung-gi. Recently in the gorgeous star in the real fan of snsd confirmed to lee seung gi plays sun mi, kim bum are the. While he was possessed by viewers. One of the best and most underrated Korean actors has to be Kim Sung Oh.

Lee Seung Gi ❤ Oh Yeon Seo 50&33 BGM OOPS

For his role he lost a shocking 16 kgs 32 pounds for his role, he was almost unrecognizable when fans saw him on the screen. Oh Yeon Seo has been acting since a young age and has only recently gained huge applause for her acting. Before that and back inshe was involved in a huge scandal that put her under a lot of scrutiny.

Oh Yeon Seo And Lee Seung Gi Have A Tense Christmas Date In “Hwayugi”

Her agency first confirmed the dating news, then retracted their statement and said that they were only close friends. We ate out together, drank tea together and talked a lot about acting and stuff. Honestly, this is the first time this happened to me so I thought too easily.

I worried about you even more. She lee seung gi and oh yeon seo dating later stepped down from the show along with Lee Joon. Audience criticized her for causing damage to Lee Joon who had been involved in this scandal unknowingly. Oh Yeon Seo is one lucky actress who has had the chance to work with two amazing acts in the Kpop industry. Idol-actor Lee Hong Ki had been involved in many dating rumors with many of his celebrity friends, but he had only publicly dated actress Han Bo Reum.

They were confirmed to have been dating back in November and in February they confirmed that they have broken up.

Lee seung gi and oh yeon seo dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)